Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Beatles photo exhibition in London - and app

Sample photos from the exhibition.
An exhibition in London displaying a hand-selected collection of 20 limited edition prints taken during the Beatles 1964 visit to America is currently being held at 40 Dean Street, Soho, London W1D 4PX.
Images can be viewed and purchased at the exhibition or online at: Beatlesfotos.com. The exhibition is open until August 10.

Firefly, the company behind the exhibition, is also offering an app which takes you behind the scenes on The Beatles first visit to America, including rare photographs, commentary and interactive maps.

Here's their description of the app:
Photographer Joe Allen followed the young Beatles for the full two weeks of their first visit to America in February 1964. He recorded their every move, including personal moments sight-seeing, relaxing on the beach and reading reviews of their own shows on their journeys across the country.

We chart their famous arrival at JFK airport in New York where the band was shocked to be greeted by five thousand fans, to the moment the band meet the 22 year-old Muhammad Ali, then called Cassius Clay. Clay would that month be named heavyweight boxing world champion after a shock win over Sonny Liston.

Other key sections of the app include:
  • Interactive Maps showing key locations of the Beatles tour, with details on the cities they visited and what activities and performances they had in each location.
  • Day by Day Tour featuring rare photographs and slideshows from the locations the Beatles visited, with exclusive backstage access.
  • Watch The Beatles allows on demand access to fascinating Beatles documentaries for just £1.49 in-app.
More about the app here.

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