Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Concierto en Madrid - first look

Out today! The Beatles: Concierto en Madrid
Friend of our blog, Josep M. Navarro purchased the vinyl+cd edition of the new release today in Barcelona, and has provided these scans for us.

Vinyl album - front

Vinyl album - back
Label, side A
Label, side B
Photo booklet
CD - disc
Josep also provided us with some mp3 sound samples, and the quality is indeed very nice - but it seems most of it is not Madrid after all, but Paris. You may download these samples as a zipped file from here (7.52 Mb). Still, this seems to be the same fake Madrid concert we posted about earlier.
So what happened to the original Madrid recording that José Luis Alvarez bragged about to Efi Eme?
Apple interference? Or is this simply Spanish bootleggers rushing to cash in on a genuine, still forthcoming release?


georgefromhenley said...

the samples are Paris....

Seems to be a rip off.

bradfinger said...

Yes, they sure sound like Paris '65 to me too.

walrus gumboot said...

It's Paris without a doubt

Cas said...

Only the spoken parts sound authentic, i.e. recorded at the actual gig, but those are not stereo, but sound like a remote audience tape.

In The Office said...

I agree, Paris with only the opening announcer and a small portion of a Paul introduction from Spain.
What a disappointment.

NP said...

Paris. Nothing new. What a con.

Dogma said...

In track 12, is present day Paul speaking!! you can tell it is by the lower tone in his voice!!

Disker said...

hoax... so far

Pancho said...

The spanish spoken part (before """"Ticket to Ride"""") is from 1989.11.02 Palacio de los Deportes, Madrid, Spain (before Live and Let Die).
Also, the """"Torrebruno introduction"""" is from a remake of the concert made by TVE in the early 70s.

What a dissapointment for us, the latinamerican fans, we wanted to listen The Beatles talking in spanish.

winston o´boogie said...

It´s Paris. Without a doubt.

Mary said...

And the "Muchas Gracias" at the intro after the Torrebruno intro is also from Madrid 1989!! not from 1965