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Thursday, 22 October 2015

Hello Goodbye #1 in full

Today's free video by The Beatles is a version of "Hello Goodbye". Directed by Paul McCartney at the Saville theatre in London, three different videos were made on the 10th of November 1967. Film no. 1 saw the Beatles dressed up in their Sgt Pepper uniforms, and Ringo's drum kit was rather small. For film no. 2 they wore their everyday clothes, and film no 3 was put together of outtakes from the first two, with the Beatles hamming it up for the camera. Here's a snippet of film no. 3, courtesy of the Beatles' own YouTube channel:

All three of these will be published as part of the Beatles 1+ package. Videos 1 and 2 are quite commonly found, thanks to having been aired more frequently on TV. Number 1 was shown on Norwegian TV once in the eighties.
Video no. 2 was distributed to TV stations when the Red and Blue albums were released on CD for the first time, in 1993.
Apple also made a fourth version in the nineties, which was shown on the Anthology TV series. This was merely video no. 1 until the coda, then it switched to footage from video no. 3. For some reason, the Anthology edit also rendered the opening footage of the film in black and white.

"Hello Goodbye" is the second of five full length Beatles music videos to be published in anticipation of the new Beatles 1 and Beatles 1+ releases on November 6. The third full length video will be released by Mashable, and the two final ones by other outlets, possibly the Rolling Stone magazine website in USA and one of the UK magazine sites there.

Available to pre-order: 
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  • 1+ Deluxe 2DVD/CD
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    Unknown said...

    Man, that looks beautiful!

    Anonymous said...

    it's a shame nobody back then of making a video album.doing all the songs from sgt pepper and then releasing it at theatres.i bet if they had vhs back then they might have made video albums and released it that way.

    Johnny Main said...

    The black and white section at the start of the version included on The Beatles Anthology was there so it would link in with the introduction from Ed Sullivan which was also in black and white.

    Fred Nerk said...

    joey Anthony - they did! Originally Stg. Pepper was going to be a TV special of music videos for each song. There's a document with a basic outline of the scenes in Mark Lewisohn's book The Complete Beatles Chronicle. "A Day In The Life" was the only segment to be filmed, so that should give you an idea of how it may of looked.

    George Armstrong said...

    The Ed Sullivan show began broadcasting in colour in September 1965. Why Apple contrived to make it look like he was still in B&W in 1967 with that intro to 'Hello Goodbye' seen in Anthology remains a mystery.

    DonP said...

    Let's talk 'pitch' again! This clip has always run slow - as if the playback on the film set had flat batteries. The clip appears slow in Anthology. However - the problem seems to be fixed with this new #1 clip. Although I've not compared the two edits - my guess is that the new clip has been re-cut and re-synced to the original music track at its regular speed...the simple requirement being to remove a few frames of the vision here and there - but mostly at the existing edit points where they would be unnoticeable...(well, that's how I'd do it...) :)

    Klark_kent said...

    So strange that Ringo is sitting way up high on the drum throne playing a 'kid sized' drum kit with a white pearl finish, then at about 1:06 he is playing a much larger silver sparkle finish drum, then back to the small set again. In the other 'goofing around' clip he has the silver sparkle finish drums and his old black pearl finish kit.

    wogew said...

    The old switcheroo

    The Elizans said...

    Or they just sped it up 😉

    The Elizans said...

    Or they just sped it up 😉

    Anonymous said...

    I think Apple will probably have to keep making new versions of 'Hello Goodbye' from the existing reels, clips, takes and versions until someone has the bright idea to cut out that really stupid close-up shot of George that always makes everybody change channel when it's on the telly. So much for Paul McCartney's 'direction'!