Tuesday, 2 February 2016

McCartney album news

News about Paul McCartney's upcoming album, courtesy of The Sun.
British tabloid newspaper The Sun reports that Paul McCartney has hired Adele "Hello" producer Greg Kurstin to work on his new album. An anonymous source within the recording industry is quoted by The Sun to have said: "Paul loved what Greg did with Adele and knows he can add something special to his record. He is really embracing the pop direction of his last album and wants to continue in that vein with his new stuff".
Kurstin was originally going to produce Paul’s full album, but the understanding now is that he is going to work on a couple of tracks first and they will take it from there.

Source: The Sun

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Johnny Main said...

The Sun is renowned for making stuff up, so I'll wait for official confirmation/denial from McCartney's people.