Tuesday, 7 March 2017

In between The Beatles

A Norwegian pressing of Ken Dodd's "Tears" single was among the catch from the record fair.
We had the pleasure of attending a local record fair this past weekend, and among the cheaper records we brought into our collection was a 45 rpm single which has a special place in Beatles history, "Tears" by Liverpool comedian, singer-songwriter and actor Ken Dodd.

Seven years ago, The official British charts company compiled a list of the best-selling singles in the UK in the Sixties. Here's the top 5:

1. The Beatles: "She Loves You" (Parlophone) 1963
2. The Beatles: "I Want to Hold Your Hand" (Parlophone) 1963
3. Ken Dodd: "Tears" (Columbia) 1965
4. The Beatles: "Can't Buy Me Love" (Parlophone) 1964
5. The Beatles: "I Feel Fine" (Parlophone) 1964

You can find the top 60 on Wikipedia.

The most represented act in the chart is The Beatles, who feature on the list with 18 releases, seven of which are in the top twenty. So what's the story of Ken Dodd?

Ken Dodd with The Beatles.
Ken Dodd, who will be turning 90 this November, has been in showbusiness for more than 60 years. Born in Liverpool in 1927, he is best known for his buck teeth and frizzy hair, tickling stick and his creation of the Diddymen. As of 2017, he continues to tour the UK with his comedy and music show. Despite his age, his shows are unusually long, and still frequently do not finish until after midnight. Here's his best seller from 1965, "Tears":

By no means a one hit wonder, Ken Dodd had 19 UK hit singles from 1960 to 1981. "Tears" was released at the start of September 1965 and hit the top of the national charts on September 30, staying there for five weeks.

"Tears" was written by Frank Capano and Billy Uhr and was first recorded by Rudy Vallee in 1929.

September 1963: The Beatles and Ken Dodd


Popper said...

Surprisingly few pop-rock bands in the upper part of that list.

Andy Harris said...

It should be noted than Ken has just been knighted.. Sir Ken Dodd.