Thursday, 27 September 2018

New Children's book from Paul McCartney

New book coming out next year from Paul McCartney
Today, Paul McCartney announced that he has written a children's picture book, called "Hey Grandude!". No, seriously! He has got eight grandchildren, and one of them once said "Hey Grandude!" to him, and it stuck. Paul's intention with the new book is for grandparents to read it to their grandchildren.

Of course, the surviving Beatles are no strangers to children's books, Paul has written several and Ringo has made his song, "Octopus's Garden" into a children's book a few years ago.

From Ringo's book, illustrated by Ben Cort.

Canadian Kathryn Durst has illustrated Paul's upcoming book, which will not be out until next September.

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Sirron Nitram said...

Grandude standing in the rain
Grandude, doing it again
Some kind of happiness is
Measured out in miles
You make me think you're
Something special when you smile
You can read to me...
If I'm lonely you can read to me

Popper said...

Surely Hey Grandude is a play on the title, Hey Jude.

Debjorgo said...

"What do you mean, I don't have any grandchildren?"

احمد الخضري said...


RAJ said...

I hope he doesn't sing "Fuh You" or "Come On To Me" when he's out promoting the book...

Martin said...

Surely it's 'Hey Granddude'?
Mind you, Macca's spelling always was bad....