Wednesday, 2 January 2019

Surprise song from McCartney

Get Enough - a new song from Paul
As we entered the New Year, Paul McCartney surprised us by releasing a new song on various streaming services, including Spotify and YouTube Music.
It has been receiving mixed feelings from fans, but it still grown on you the more you hear it. Much of the controversy stems from McCartney employing the "Cher effect", which is extreme use of the auto-tune tool, as pioneered by Cher in her 1998 song "Believe". McCartney starts singing without the effect, but it is used more and more as the song progresses. The song then takes a new, orchestral direction before it ends.

The song comes from the recording sessions for "Egypt Station" and is co-composed with Ryan Tedder, who also acted as co-producer together with Zach Skelton and Paul himself.
It's possibly slated for the DeLuxe boxed set of "Egypt Station" which was originally going to be available in October 2018, but which has been postponed. Here is the song, from YouTube Music:

℗ Capitol Records; ℗ 2019 MPL Communications Ltd, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

Released on: 2019-01-01

Producer, Associated  Performer, Programming, Background  Vocalist: Ryan Tedder
Producer, Studio  Personnel, Editor, Associated  Performer, Programming: Zach Skelton
Producer, Co- Producer, Associated  Performer, Vocals, Bass  Guitar, Piano, Acoustic  Guitar, Harpsichord, Synthesizer, Synth  Bass: Paul McCartney
Studio  Personnel, Engineer: Steve Orchard
Studio  Personnel, Engineer: Rich Rich
Studio  Personnel, Asst.  Recording  Engineer: Keith Smith
Studio  Personnel, Asst.  Recording  Engineer: Jamie Kirkham
Studio  Personnel, Mixer: Mark Stent
Studio  Personnel, Assistant  Mixer: Michael Freeman
Studio  Personnel, Mastering  Engineer: Randy Merrill
Composer  Lyricist: Paul McCartney
Composer  Lyricist: Ryan Tedder


absinthe said...

Brutal. A totally shot voice with Auto-Tune. Yeah, now you're talking.

William Campbell said...

This comes only 2 weeks after the video with Emma (Emily) Stone. Time to give it up, Paul. Stick with the Archive releases, but with a LOT less packaging.

Flaming Pie said...

Stephen Hawking lives on

db said...

Good song!
Love the special voice effect

Debjorgo said...

I don't mind the Cher effect but this is a little slow for what I like to listen to. Nonetheless, I did pick up a copy on iTunes.