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Friday, 25 July 2008

New tape discovered

This looks like a once in a lifetime collectors opportunity to own a newly discovered reel to reel tape believed to have been recorded in 1964, containing a number of Lennon & McCartney composed songs, as well as cover versions with plenty of dialogue inbetween recordings from the artists themselves. Estimate £8,000-£12,000. The tape is double-sided, and running at 7.5 ips, it lasts for approximately 30 minutes. 
Side 1
1 Don't Put Me Down Like This
2 I Feel Fine
3 She's A Woman
4 Everybody's Trying To Be My Baby
5 Honey Don't
6 I'll Follow The Sun
Side 2
1 I'll Follow The Sun
2 I'm A Loser
3 I'll Follow The Sun
4 Too Much Monkey Business
5 Nitty Gritty
6 Somethings Gotta Hold Of Me
7 I Shall Not Be Moved
The full tape can only be heard at Cameo's sale-room during viewing times or by special appointment . These recordings are offered for sale without copyright, broadcast rights, performers consent or any other reproductive rights, the buyer must obtain such clearance & consent as may be necessary from relative parties.
Beatles scholars have put forward that this could be reel 1 of two reels from the recording session for the BBC show "Top Gear", which took place on September 17. 1964. Reel no. 2 circulates among collectors. The final four tracks could be unrelated from the rest of the tracks, with the first three of them attributed to the Hollies. Track one, side one is intriguing, though - as this was a single John Lennon used to have in his jukebox: Derek Martin: Daddy-Rollin' Stone c/w Don't Put Me Down Like This from 1963.
Listen to a sample here.

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