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Monday, 8 September 2008

Macca at the Roundhouse

I recently spent a day in Copenhagen, Denmark and came across a DVD from McCartney's 2007 concert at the Roundhouse in a high street music store. It was rather cheap, so I bought a copy. After all, I was at the concert. Back home in Oslo, Norway, I discovered the same DVD in a high street shop there. Today, I came across the same DVD at Amazon in the UK.

Product Description:
Product no.: BB 3502
Disc format: DVD-5
Sound: Dolby Digital 2.0
Signal: NTSC
Picture ratio: 16:9
Regioncode: ALL
Total Running Time: 1:29:55
Songs: Magical Mystery Tour - Flaming Pie- Got To Get You Into My Life - Dance Tonight - Only Mama Knows - C'Moon - The Long And Winding Road - I'll Follow The Sun - That Was Me - Here Today- Blackbird - Calico Skies - Eleanor Rigby - Band On The Run  Back In The USSR - House Of Wax - I've Got A Feeling - Live And Let Die - Hey Jude - Let It Be - Lady Madonna - I Saw Her Standing There - Get Back
Recorded live at Roundhouse, Camden, London, UK, October 25, 2007.

The quality is okay, I guess, but I remember that the images I saw on TV after the concert were great. Conversion from PAL to NTSC probably is to blame. The company responsible for this release seem to have superimposed a logo in the upper corner on the entire concert.

The annoying logo

A screen shot


I suspect that the "BBC Films + DVD" logo is what has has mislead shop owners into thinking this is a legitimate release. The abscence of the artist's name and title of the film on the spine should clue them on to the fact that this is illegitimate, though.


Anonymous said...

german fans can by this DVd here 6 euro 99

Anonymous said...

not regular DVD published in germany

Anonymous said...

The logo says to him who its Asshole stole nicely.