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Tuesday, 21 October 2008

More Wings from 1972

I've always believed the caption on these videos, "1973", but upon viewing a few Wings videos lately, I now believe that they are from the concert in Den Haag on August 21st, 1972. Why? Because Paul's hair is too short for 1973! Anyway Den Haag seems to have been professionally filmed by several cameras and made into a concert film. It may have been scrapped either because of the James Paul McCartney TV Special, or because Denny Seiwell and Henry had quit before the film was finished from the editing room. The success of "Band on the run" may also have prompted Paul into focusing on the "new" Wings.

The only professionally released stuff from the 1972 tour of Europe has been these two incomplete video clips (included on the 1986 VHS video "The Paul McCartney Special", not on DVD) and "The Mess" (Live from Den Haag), which was originally released on the B-side of the "My Love" single in 1973.

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