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Sunday, 19 October 2008

Wings in sync

Wings in Njårdhallen - Photo and video: Åsmund Tynning

Thanks to my good friend IWAX, here is the 16mm film of Wings in Norway 1972 synched to sound.


Anonymous said...

Amazing! What fun this clip was! I'm also curious about the multimedia/technology they used for the background. Was that the norm then...or was it advanced?
Thanks for the hard work you do to make a great great site

Anonymous said...

Wow! So cool. I've been listening to the Amsterdam show from that tour lately and really wished there was more film of those dates.


wogew said...

I have come to the conclusion that the two long segments that exist, "Hi Hi Hi" and "Wild Life", both labeled "1973" in the 1986 "Paul McCartney Special", are probably really from Den Haag, 1972.

Anonymous said...

As an 'old timer' long time Wings fan, I can say that the 'op-art' and the abstract images/films behind the stage on screen were the norm back then at any concert, not just for Wings. Very cool clips, wish there was more indeed.

wogew said...

There's about two more minutes of that concert from Norway, but shot farther away from the stage. Plus, it has yet to be transferred from 16mm film...