Friday, 5 December 2008

New from Apple

Apple dart boards old (left) and new.
Some Apple products have been announced at the official Beatles Stores. The famous Apple dart board has been recreated and will be made available from December 29th in the UK and December 12th in the USA. Also, the fab four are celebrating the 40th anniversary of The Beatles (aka White album), not with a remastered CD release, unfortunately, but with some related merchandise. How about an expensive fountain pen or a roller ball pen? Or for those with less cash, there'a always the hoodie or the t-shirt...

The Beatles Store (UK)
The Beatles Store (USA)

1 comment:

Alfred said...

What a disappointment! Who really needs a White Album fountain pen? And a big white hoody? Try wearing it while you eat a pasta bolognaise, and that thing is stained for life...
Why are they continually bothering with all these novelty products instead of giving us the remasters!!