Monday, 29 December 2008

Norwegian Wood 115

The new issue of Norwegian Wood, the norwegian Beatles Fan Club Magazine came just in time for Christmas. 86 fun-filled pages, all in norwegian, of course. Norwegian Wood was founded around easter 1980, and today the norwegian fan club is one of the bigger Beatles fan clubs in Europe, with between 500-600 members.
The contents of NW no. 115:
Page 2: Photo: Paul McCartney as The Fireman
Page 3: Contents page
Page 4: Dear Sir or Madam. The editor Ole-Andreas Refsnes sums up Ringo Starr's fall from grace in 2008.
Page 5: From Me To You. President Linda wishes us a Happy Christmas (War Is Over).
Page 6-15: One, Two, Three, Four Our record reviews include Various Artists: The Beatles Jukebox (Chrome Records CDCD 5020), Pete Best Band: Hayman's Green (Lightyear), The Fireman: Electric Arguments (Indie Records), Nitin Sawhney: London Undersound (Positive-ID/Cooking Vinyl), Thenewno2: You Are Here (HOT Records Ltd.)
Page 16-18: Act Naturally Movie reviews of Magical Mystery Tour Memories and All Together Now from The Beatles and Cirque Du Soleil
Page 19-21: The Word reviews the following book: Nancy Lee Andrews: A Dose of Rock'n'Roll (Dalton Watson Fine Books ISBN 978-185443-230-8)
Page 22-23: New member of the editorial staff Joakim Krane Bech is presented
Page 24-33: Norwegian Beatles singles, part 1 Sigbjørn Stabursvik takes a look at the norwegian single releases and tries to second-guess the date of issue. He also looks at the vinyl itself to determine whether a danish or swedish "mother" was used in the pressing process. This part covers the first five releases, from Please Please Me to I Want To Hold Your Hand.
Page 34-47: On Tour with The Beatles: The Helen Shapiro Tour is covered by me, the article summarizes earlier blog posts on this subject.
Page 48-53: My Favourite Record: The Beatles (White Album) Louise Berntsen talks about the white album at 40.
Page 54-57: The 22. of November - A special day. Ståle Kverndokk draws the line from With The Beatles to The Beatles.
Page 58-60: Beatles Festival at Beitostølen Linda Engebråten reports from the third annual Beatles festival up in the mountains of Norway.
Page 61-68: Beatles convention in Karlstad Joakim Krane Bech and Linda Engebråten were also present at the Swedish Beatles convention and reports from the event where the Pete Best Band held the european release of their new album.
Page 69-71: Newly discovered documents from Pete; see earlier blog post.
Page 72-74: George Harrison in The Simpsons Joakim Krane Bech takes a look at the many Beatles references in this episode of The Simpsons
Page 75-81: The news today, oh boy: News from me and the editor
Page 82: Beatles quiz by Joakim: Win a Fireman promo CD!
Page 83: Advert
Page 84: Beatlefans get-together in Oslo in January
Page 85: Name and Address
Page 86: Photo: Pete Best reads NW 114

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well some of the very finest music here. I just love it.