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Saturday, 30 May 2009

Phil Spector sentenced

Phil Spector, The Ronettes and friend

Famous producer Phil Spector was sentenced to 19 years to life in prison on Friday, May 29th after being found guilty in April of second-degree murder in the shooting of actress Lana Clarkson. Spector's bad health and age (69) means that the producer behind Let It Be (The Beatles), All Things Must Pass (George Harrison) and Imagine (John Lennon) may end his days in prison.
Prosecutors contended that after meeting B-movie actress Clarkson, 40, at the House of Blues club in Los Angeles in 2003 — where she was working as a waitress — the producer took her home to his Alhambra, California "castle," where she was shot to death in the home's front foyer. Spector had claimed that Clarkson killed herself by putting the gun in her mouth, but his chauffeur said he witnessed Spector emerge from the home holding a gun and heard him say, "I think I killed somebody."

Friday, 29 May 2009

Voormann & Friends - A Sideman's Journey

Klaus Voorman & Friends: "A Sideman's Journey", has been delayed to July 17th 2009.
Klaus Voormann celebrates his 70th birtday with this release. It's the documentation of a journey he took in his 70th year to visit old friends and record with them. Voorman's friends are people like Paul McCartney, Ringo Starr, Yusuf aka Cat Stevens, Dr. John, The Manfreds (members of Manfred Mann), Bonnie Bramlett, Jim Keltner, Max Buskohl, Van Dyke Parks, Albert Lee, Joe Walsh, Don Nix and many others.
"A Sideman's Journey is a limited edition release, containing a CD, a DVD with the documentary "Making Of A Sideman’s Journey", a hardcover book with 60 pages and a handsigned Lithography. Here's a teaser for the documentary.
The package are priced to 17.99 euros over at, but they are also listing a super deluxe overpriced edition at 120.99 euros, without detailing the contents.
The song he recorded with Paul and Ringo for this project has an interesting story. It's the old Fats Domino song "I'm In Love Again" (previously covered by Paul on the CHOBA B CCCP album). The reason for this choice was that this was the first ever song where Klaus tried his hand at playing the bass guitar. Klaus made his debut as a bass guitarist sitting next to the stage at the Top Ten Club in Hamburg, borrowing Stu Sutcliffe's Höfner 333 while The Beatles performed the song.
This new version was recorded at Paul's studio in Sussex on June 19th 2008, with Paul handling all the other instruments: the piano, organ, harmonica, guitars etc, Klaus played on a Höfner 333 bass guitar. Ringo's drums were recorded in Los Angeles later.

A Sideman's Journey [ Exclusive]

Thursday, 28 May 2009

Beatlemania Hamburg

Indra, Top Ten, Kaiserkeller, Star Club - these were the clubs on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg / Germany, where in the early 1960s the young and just-formed Beatles honed their skills onstage daily, for up to nine hours at a time, and from where they went on to conquer the world. From May 29th the Beatles will once again have a home in Hamburg, in the place where it all began - on the Reeperbahn, just a guitar's throw from the recently inaugurated Beatles Square and the venues in which they once performed. A unique project dedicated to the Liverpool band is opening its doors: BEATLEMANIA Hamburg.

Visitors to BEATLEMANIA can travel through time, re-living the world of the Beatles. Over 1300 square metres, the exhibition has a lot to offer: A fascinating experience using extraordinary displays of original items and unconventional presentations of selected eras of the Beatles' career - from the Hamburg days up until their break-up. Visitors can follow the footsteps of John, Paul, George and Ringo during their wild times in Hamburg, record songs at Abbey Road Studios and experience the madness of Beatlemania at its peak.

BEATLEMANIA is located right in the heart of the world-famous Reeperbahn, these days undergoing a transformation from a former red-light district to a cool entertainment and music venue. The tradition of attracting young artists and promising new talents continues, and hence, the spot where 50 years ago the story of the Beatles begun still has the liveliest music scene in Northern Europe and still young bands start their careers right here.
WogBlog is happy that Beatles travellers now have a museum in the midst of these historic surroundings. And we'll bet they have a souvenir shop as well!
Official Website

Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Norwegian Wood no. 117

Norwegian Wood 117
Page 2: Photos: George gets a star in Hollywood
Page 3: Contents page
Page 4-5: Dear Sir or Madam. By editor Ole-Andreas Refsnes.
Page 6-7: From Me To You. President Linda talks about The Beatles as a study in musicology and encourages further reading.
Page 8-9: Joakim Krane Bech reviews two Beatle-related songs with involvement from Yusuf Islam.
Page 10: What Goes On? A diary of forthcoming events
Page 11-19: The Beatles Remasters. The full Apple press release in english
Page 20: A photo of The Beatles 1962-1966 and 1967-1970 combined.
Page 21: A look at the boxes and guitars for The Beatles:RockBand
Page 22-34: On Tour with The Beatles: The Roy Orbison tour 1963 by Roger Stormo
Page 35-55: Sigbjørn Stabursvik ends his presentation of norwegian Beatles single-releases and their release dates (part 3 of 3).
Page 56-57: A look at the newly discovered Quarrymen photo
Page 58-61: Paul and Ringo together for meditation by Linda
Page 62-68: The Beatles and Phil Spector. Ole explores the ties between the recently convicted Spector and The Beatles
Page 69-70: Yellow Submarine: The Beatles' input by Roger Stormo
Page 71-74: A report from Hamburg - Kenneth Sevland has visited the Beatles city of Hamburg
Page 75-80: I read the news today, oh boy by Martin Aasen Wright
Page 81: Album cover Quiz by Joakim.
Page 82: Adresses
Page 83 (inner cover back) The Change Begins Within poster
Back cover: Photos: Ringo and Paul reunion in New York

This time around, the editor has decided to print most of the magazine in colour. The next issue will be a bit delayed, because we are waiting for 09/09/09 to bring us a thing or two to review...

Tuesday, 26 May 2009

Another new Quarrymen photo

Click to enlarge
The new photo of the Quarrymen from the day John Lennon met Paul McCartney, July 6th, 1957 was recently published, and caused quite a stir in the Beatles fan community. However, a second new photo has gone by almost without anyone noticing. It was taken just a moment after the first one, and shows a larger portion of the surroundings than the previous one. The reason why it seems to have been neglected, is that John Lennon was obscured by another group member in the photo. You can just make out his checkered shirt between the legs of another fan of checkered shirts, Len Garry. It is, however, just as significant as the earlier one. The band has taken notice of Rod Davis' father James taking photos, and are turning their heads, facing the camera. As a bonus we get a glimpse of the truck in front of the Quarrymen truck, carrying the newly elected Sunday school "Rose Queen" Sally Wright and her court. In fact there are about 15 photos of the Rose Queen procession of 1957, but only two of the Quarrymen and on only one of those can you actually see John. It was part of a roll of 35mm film which was sitting in a dusty box on a shelf in a storeroom with thousands of other negatives.

From left to right: Eric Griffiths, Pete Shotton, Len Garry, John Lennon (hidden behind Len), Colin Hanton, Rod Davis.
Recommended reading:

July 6th 1957 at The Savage Young Beatles site

The Beatles in Hong Kong

During their Far East tour in 1966, the Beatles had a stopover in Hong Kong. There aren't many photos from that visit, but here's a nice one I got in the mail today. Looks like Mal Evans is having a conversation with the stewardess in the background!

Monday, 25 May 2009

Solo Beatles Video Book

The Solo Beatles Film & TV Chronicle 1971-1980
From one of the authors of The Beatles - Film and TV Chronicle, 1961 - 1970 from 2005 comes a new volume which takes us ten years into each Beatle's solo appearances on TV, video and the silver screen. The Solo Beatles Film & TV Chronicle 1971-1980 covers the first ten years of the solo careers of the individual Beatles from 1971 to 1980, and also includes a chapter of updates regarding recently discovered and new information about films of The Beatles as a group during the years from 1961 to 1970.
As a visually orientated person, I've always loved to see moving images of my favourite band and I have been a collector of The Beatles and solo-Beatles film and tv footage ever since the family first purchased a VCR in 1981. This book will be indispensible for someone like myself, but one must admit that it caters to a somewhat limited audience. Which is probably why this book is available through Lulu, a DIY internet based service which will print each book on demand. Author Jürg Pieper says abouth the new book that it covers recently discovered rarities like the performance of John singing Attica State at the Apollo theatre on 17 Dec. 1971, a previously undocumented Ringo interview for French TV from 18 Sept. 1976, George interview for German TV from 01 Feb. 1977 and a detailed overview of Paul presenting Disneytime from 19 Dec. 1973. On a personal note, I enjoyed reading the full description of the Cilla in Scandinavia TV Special from 1971, where Ringo participates in segments shot here in Norway. The updates to the old book are co-authored by David Ravenscroft and Volker Path.

A sample of the unreleased rarities covered by the book
The previous book

Saturday, 23 May 2009

Paul McCartney's Unplugged Tour 1991

Copenhagen ticket
Ticket to the Falkoner Theatre concert.
In 2007, when Paul McCartney played some impromptu concerts to promote his new album, Memory Almost Full, the media started calling it the "Secret Gigs" tour, forgetting that Paul already had one of his earlier tours dubbed by that name. The first "Secret Gigs" Tour happened during the summer of 1991.
Westcliff Ticket
Ticket to the concert at Cliffs Pavilion.

  • 8. May 1991: Zeleste, Barcelona, Spain
  • 10. May 1991: The Mean Fiddler, Harlesden, England
  • 5. June 1991: Teatro Tendo, Naples, Italy
  • 7. June 1991: Cornwall Coliseum, Saint Austell, England
  • 19. July 1991: Cliffs Pavilion, Westcliff-on-Sea, England
  • 24. July 1991: Falkonerteatret, Copenhagen, Denmark

  • These were impromptu concerts at mostly smaller clubs, inspired by the "MTV Unplugged" TV concert and subsequent album. A further concert at Paris L'Olympia was planned, but not announced. It was cancelled when Linda McCartney's father, Lee Eastman, passed away during the tour. Paul felt that he owed l'Olympia a concert and eventually returned to play there in 2007 on that "other" Secret Gigs Tour.

    Bootleg LP from the Westcliff gig
    One of the bootlegs from the tour.
    At Cliff's Pavillion, Paul and his band backed guest poet Adrian Mitchell on the recital of his poems "Song In Space," "I Like That Stuff," "Maybe May Time," and "Hot Pursuit". They also added "I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside" to their set list.

    I had the great pleasure of attending the gig in Copenhagen, driving down through Sweden with two good friends of mine, and taking the boat across the pond to Copenhagen. We arrived with not one ticket between the three of us, but hoped to get in, either through Geoff Baker, Paul's publicist, or with some help from the norwegian EMI representative.

    Paul arrives at the Falkoner Theatre
    Paul arrives at the Falkoner Theatre and greets his fans.
    Photo: © 1991 Tore Skaar.
    It didn't work out that way, but I managed to buy a ticket from someone just before the gig started, and a few songs into the gig, my two friends also struck luck when a drunken swede with two tickets arrived, selling them both and then went back to the pub again! Great memories. I remember sitting on the floor in front of the stage, waiting for Paul to come on. And this is how that looked like:

    When I got home, I wrote a review about the concert for Norwegian Wood, entitled "Sweetest Little Show In Town". And that review has the distinction of being the first ever article written for Norwegian Wood on a computer. Everything prior to that had been written on a typewriter, but I stayed after hours at work and wrote it on a newly installed computer with a word processor. Soon bitten by that bug, I went out and bought a computer (a PC compatible 386sx thing) later that year.

    Set list (not all songs were performed in all locations):

    Acoustic Set: "Mean Woman Blues," "Be-Bop-A-Lula," "We Can Work It Out," "San Francisco Bay Blues," "Every Night," "Here There And Everywhere," "That Would Be Something," "Singing The Blues," "O Sole Mio," "Down To The River," "And I Love Her," "She's A Woman," "I Lost My Little Girl," "Ain't No Sunshine," "Hi Heel Sneakers," "I've Just Seen A Face," "The World Is Waiting For The Sunrise," "Good Rockin' Tonight"

    Electric Set: "My Brave Face," "Twenty Flight Rock," "Band On The Run," "Ebony And Ivory," "I Saw Her Standing There," "Coming Up," "Get Back," "The Long And Winding Road," "Ain't That A Shame," "Let It Be," "Can't Buy Me Love," "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band".

    Here's a YouTube playlist of songs captured from two of those concerts, Copenhagen and Italy, together with some footage and an interview from Westcliff-on-Sea.

    Thursday, 21 May 2009

    Paul does Canada

    In the ongoing concert series "Paul McCartney plays where he hasn't played before", we have now arrived at Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. The former Beatle will play a large outdoor concert on the Halifax Commons on June 11th, 2009. Harold MacKay of Power Promotional Concepts says it will be McCartney's only concert in Canada this year. A McCartney show in Halifax has been rumoured since officials for the pop legend toured the Commons last year.
    The concert will be held one week before '70s rockers KISS perform on the Commons. The ex-Beatle announced Wednesday he's "very happy" to be performing at an outdoor concert on July 11." "The Canadian audiences are great and the timing of the event, with the arrival of the Tall Ships, means that it will be an exciting event for us all," McCartney said on his website. "We are looking forward to rocking in Halifax."
    Local promoters are calling it the "largest and most exciting" concert in Halifax's 260-year history. "This iconic and legendary performer's presence in our city will be an historic event for all Atlantic Canadians," said Harold MacKay, president of Power Promotional Events.
    The concert is expected to attract 60,000 fans — 10,000 more than the crowd at the Rolling Stones show in September 2006.

    Tickets will go on sale May 29 at 9 a.m. AT through Ticket Atlantic and at participating Atlantic Superstore locations.
    Tickets will cost $125 for general admission and $305 for VIP tickets. Promoters say between 5,000 and 6,000 VIP seats will be available.

    Last April, MacKay took McCartney's senior tour staff to the park. He said they were impressed with the site, but there wasn't enough time to set up an event that summer.
    Halifax radio personality J.C. Douglas said he's excited to see Paul McCartney perform again. Douglas has been to McCartney concerts in England and Montreal but this time, he would like the chance to meet the former Beatle in person.
    "Working in radio, you get to meet a lot of stars and things and there's no one I'd rather meet than Paul McCartney," Douglas said. "He's been at the top of that list for my entire career and I'm sort of hoping that might happen, I don't know."
    This will be Paul McCartney's fourth concert this year, having previously played in New York City's Radio City Music Hall, at the Coachella festival in California and in Las Vegas, Nevada. Reports from those concerts tell of an edgier, harder sound than on previous concert tours.

    Wednesday, 20 May 2009

    Boxed set news

    There's no need to contact me for the track listing for that fourth disc in the Paul McCartney Studio Outtakes Boxed Set, I will post it here whenever someone has the details. So far, all we know is the time frame: The disc ends in 1998. So it looks like it will be a "Linda Years" set, spanning 1969-1998.

    An informed source tells me that for you George Harrison fans out there, there are some bad news. It looks like Dhani Harrison compiled a boxed set of his father's unreleased material a couple of years ago, but when he offered it to EMI, they didn't think it would be a good thing to release. So back on the shelf it went. Indefinitely.

    Will The Real Mr Sellers Please Stand Up (1969)

    A weird 1969 Peter Sellers documentary, made to promote The Magic Christian, including appearances by Ringo, Paul and Linda, and John. Most of these appearances are in segment 3. The documentary was never repeated by the BBC, possibly due to the fact that Peter Sellers thought he came across as depressed. Spike Milligan narrates and dissects Peter's persona in the process. A word of warning: The documentary includes strong scenes (bullfight, open heart surgery, nudity) and language. Peter Sellers lived for 11 more years after this documentary. On 22 July 1980 Sellers collapsed from a massive heart attack in his Dorchester Hotel room and fell into a coma. He died in a London hospital just after midnight on 24 July, aged 54.

    Sunday, 17 May 2009

    November 22. 1963

    The Beatles at the Globe in Stockton on that fateful date

    A historic date. The Beatles release their second album, "With The Beatles", in England and across Europe, and they play two concerts at the Globe in Stockton. Between the two shows, a shocking news story shakes the world: President John F. Kennedy has been assassinated.

    Paul Delplanque has researched the event: The Beatles and a night to remember. Friday November 22, 1963.

    Forgotten footage

    A forgotten film of teenagers putting questions to The Beatles in 1964 was included in a show which was part of this weekend’s Late Shows event in the North East of England. The footage from a Tyne Tees TV programme was shown at at Tyne & Wear Archives, which is based in Blandford House in Blandford Square, Newcastle. The clip was discovered when archives staff were carrying out research for the North East Beat music exhibition, which opens today at Discovery Museum at the same location.

    These were the questions North East fans asked The Beatles 45 years ago:
    Fan to John: Why did you have to get married?
    John: Because of the same reason anybody gets married. I don’t want to be slushy like, but you do when you wanna get married, when you gotta go you gotta go, as I always say. [Joking] Anyway, what’s it go to do with you? [Laughs]
    Fan to Paul: Is it true you’re going to get engaged to Jane Asher?
    Paul: No, it’s not true. Erm … the papers started off by saying that I was already engaged, now the papers tell me I’m married, and they told me I’m divorced now [smiles]. Maybe I am married, maybe I am married! I dunno. The papers tell me I am, I don’t think I am. I’m not getting engaged, no.
    Fan to George: What do you and Ringo do when John and Paul are writing songs?
    George: Play marbles.
    Fan to John: Why don’t you wear your glasses on stage?
    John: Because I’d lose my nerve if I could see everyone in the audience.
    Fan to Paul: Which do you prefer Mods or Rockers?
    Paul: I don’t know I like any of them. Mockers, I like.
    Fan to Ringo: Are you ever thinking of growing a beard again like you used to have before you joined the group?
    Ringo: I like beards, that’s why I used to grow them. I may do. It won’t be until I’ve left the group though, you know, until we’ve broke up, when I’m about 48! [laughs]
    Fan to George: What do you think of yourselves as a group?
    George: We don’t think of ourselves as a group. We’re a band. Er.. it’s hard to answer. Well, we like ourselves as a group but you’ve got to, haven’t you? [laughs]
    Fan to Ringo: I’d like to know what you would have done if you hadn’t had your break in music?
    Ringo: I’d have still been an engineer or something, you know, I’d have been working.
    Fan to Ringo: How much do you spend generally on clothes and what do you do after you’ve finished with them?
    Ringo: We just buy a suit when we want and couple of shirts. Erm .. we just sort of get fed up with them. We have a style, like, you know, the round neck collars we had and we went out and went potty, we bought hundreds. Well, not hundreds but loads of suits like, and we never wear them now. We just leave them laying round, we don’t do anything with them.
    Fan to Paul: Why is it, Paul, that you’re always described as the most intelligent one of The Beatles? Are you?
    Paul: Er … I’m not, no, well John’s written a book so he must be more intelligent than me [smiles]. You’ve gotta be intelligent to write books [laughs].

    16mm pristine Shea print for sale

    The Beatles at Shea Stadium, 1965. One of the most memorable moment in rock'n'roll history. A great opportunity has just been opened on ebay, someone is selling a pristine 16mm print of the concert documentary. Here is the seller's description of this item: "This is an absolutely amazing original network print of The Beatles Shea Stadium concert in August of 1966. Check out the screen caps! This is the best film in my entire collection and I hate parting with it. It is complete with all titles, no splices, no scratches and printed on LPP low fade stock and no vinegar smell. This is a premium investment quality print. It even has the commercial bumpers still in it." The seller is located in Los Angeles, and the auction ended on May 19th at $1,300.99.

    Ebay link

    Here's a frame from the film, follow the ebay link to see more.
    There are very good DVD bootlegs out on the market of this film, but none have matched the quality of the Shea footage officially released on the Anthology DVDs or the Dizzy Miss Lizzy promotional film released by Capitol in 2006.

    See our informative Shea At Last post for more about this concert and the concert film.

    Saturday, 16 May 2009

    John Lennon 1974 Interview

    In this interview, broadcast by NBC Today on the morning of 16th December 1974, John Lennon promises to play on stage with George Harrison on the last night of Harrison's 1974 North American Tour at Madison Square Garden the following Friday, but after a falling out sadly doesn't turn up. Lennon also mentions the forthcoming Beatles Anthology, then named "The Long and Winding Road", unaware that it would take another 20 years to complete.

    Thursday, 14 May 2009

    McCartney "Cold Cuts" boxed set in the works

    The masters of previous incarnations of Cold Cuts leaked some time in the eighties and were subsequently released by bootleg manufacturers, this CD was possibly the first of those.

    Paul McCartney has forever been teasing his fans with tales of an album called "Cold Cuts and Hot Hits", which was going to be an album of songs from throughout his solo recording career intersped with outtakes and unused songs that fell by the wayside along the line. His band Wings kept adding to those recordings, but the album was never officially released. When the Wingspan compilation album was released without any real rarities, true fans felt that a great opportunity was missed. Guess what? It looks like it's finally going to happen! And Paul has amassed a lot more material in the intervening years, so when this beast finally gets released, it'll be a boxed set of 4 CD's.
    Due for release in 2010, Wogblog has obtained the track list for disc 1: 1969-1972.

    1. Goodbye
    2. Maybe I'm Amazed - 1st original mix by Chris Thomas
    3. Every Night - take 1
    4. Rode All Night - edit
    5. A Love For You
    6. Little Lamb Dragonfly - without strings
    7. Get On The Right Thing - take 1
    8. Monkberry Moon Delight - alternate vocal take
    9. Sunshine Sometime
    10. Big Barn Bed - complete Ram ukulele version
    11. Dear Friend - w/o strings and horns
    12. Some People Never Know - oboe version
    13. Breakfast Blues - instrumental edit
    14. Mary Had A Little Lamb - long version
    15. Give Ireland Back To The Irish - slow version take 2
    16. Tragedy
    17. Thank You Darling
    18. Soily -1972 studio version
    19. Best Friend - studio version
    20. The Mess - studio version
    21. C Moon Jam - with John Bonham
    22. Lazy Dynamite - long version
    23. Night Out - instrumental
    24. Hi Hi Hi - slow verson
    25. Only One More Kiss - take 1
    Hidden Bonus Track: Radio spot with untitled instrumental for Hi Hi Hi / C Moon recorded at Abbey Road.

    It seems to confirm that yes, there IS a version of C Moon featuring the late, great John Bonham of Led Zeppelin on drums. 55 tracks were reviewed for this disc and these 25 tracks remained. The tracks for disc 1 were remixed at Abbey Road a month ago. What's more: Further boxed sets are to be expected! We keep hearing about another 4CD set featuring only demos! And yet another, featuring live recordings! Great stuff to please the old Wings fans for sure! For those who don't read the commentaries, here's disc 2 and 3:

    Disc 2 - 1973/1978

    1. Gotta Sing Gotta Dance
    2. Why am I crying
    3. I Lie Around
    4. Six o'Clock
    5. Bluebird
    6. Let's Love (April 1974 Version)
    7. Send Me The Heart (Take 1)
    8. Blackpool
    9. One Hand Clapping Theme
    1O. Live & Let Die (74 Version)
    11. Soily (74 Version)
    12. Love In Song (Take 1)
    13. Rockshow (74 Version)
    14. Wild Cat
    15. Baby Face
    16. The Note You Never Wrote (Take 1, Paul & Denny Everly's Version)
    17. Silly Love Songs (Fun Version)
    18. Must Do Something About It (Paul on vocal)
    19. She's My Baby (Rock Version)
    20. Waterspout
    21. One Woman
    22. Girlfriend (First Version)
    23. Twelve Of The Clock
    24. Did We Meet Somewhere Before
    25. Goodnight Tonight (Original 1978 Version)

    Bonus hidden track : Wings 1974 Audio Ad for the Bread Company ("Proud Mum")

    Disc 3 - 1979/1986

    1. Love awake (Ranachan Version)
    2. Rockestra Theme (Wings Version)
    3. Cage
    4. Robber's Ball
    5. Blue Sway
    6. Attention (Paul's guide vocal)
    7. Ode to a koala bear (Take 1)
    8. Rainclouds + George Martin & Paul moving impromptu dialogue about John
    9. Blackpool (1981 version)
    10. All the Love is There (With Stewart Copeland on Drums)
    11. I'll Give You a Ring
    12. No Values (1981 Montserrat Version)
    13. Tug Of War (1st string arrangement version)
    14. Stop You Don't Know Where She Came From (With great Brass section)
    15. Long & Winding Road / Ebony & Ivory Strawberry jam medley (With Stevie Wonder)
    16. Tug Of War acoustic reprise
    17. The Fool On The Hill
    18. Martha My Dear / Gloriana Medieval Guitar Piece Medley
    19. Your School
    20. Lindiana
    21. Yvonne
    22. Goodtimes Coming / Feel The Sun (Long Version)
    23. Angry long jam version (with Pete Townsend & Phil Collins)
    24. Hey Diddle (Paul & Linda duet, Chris Thomas 1986 version)
    25. Linda

    Bonus hidden track : The Juggler music 1981 Theme

    Wednesday, 13 May 2009

    Abbey Road photos

    That was what we had, now look at it:

    Lady waitingSome of the rarer photos taken the day of the Abbey Road cover shoot, 10am on Friday, August 8th, 1969.

    My previous incarnation of this photo was pieced together from several sources. Glad to have it in full colour now.
    with Linda McCartneyWith Linda in the shot, who could the photographer have been? Here's what this photo used to look like in my collection:

    That was my old copy, here's the new one:

    Me at Abbey Road, 2008

    View more Abbey Road photos with The Beatles

    Beatles - Paris Olympia - live

    Beatles - Paris Olympia - live
    Video sent by beautifulcynic

    A very brief clip, but with unique home movie footage of The Beatles' concert at the Olympia in 1964. just before their first US visit.

    Tuesday, 12 May 2009

    McCartney: Dance Tonight - behind the scenes

    Video sent by dazedmagazine

    Michel Gondry reveals the Victorian trickery behind the amazing video for Paul McCartney's latest video 'Dance Tonight' and Dazed catches up with, Gondry, Natalie Portman and the ex-Beatles legend himself.

    Playing in the garden

    A short scene from Magical Mystery Tour was the occasion for this great 1967 photo in vivid colours. John was a bit far away in the background, so I included a close up of him as well. Click on the image for a closer look.

    Sunday, 10 May 2009

    The day John met Paul

    A new photo from the day John Lennon met Paul McCartney, July 6th, 1957, has just been found. The photographer was the father of Rod Davies, a member of John's band, the Quarrymen. As a result of the BBC Inside Out programmes in 2007 and 2008 featuring the Quarrymen and Geoff Rhind’s famous photo of John with the Quarrymen at St Peter’s Church Fete in 1957, Rod Davis was prompted to look once again through the huge collection of black and white negatives and colour slides left to him by his father, James Davis, who was a keen amateur photographer. To his amazement he found a photo of John with the the Quarrymen which had lain undiscovered for the last 52 years! James Davis had himself searched many times through his photo archive to see if he had taken a shot which included John, but had never found one. The photograph was recently published in the Daily Mail.
    John Lennon and Colin Hanton
    The driver of that truck was Douglas Chadwick, who's family owned the small transportation company and were members of St. Peters Church. They were asked each year to provide the transportation needed for the Rose Queen and parade. Doug does not remember speaking to the Quarrymen that day, other than to advise them to "keep still on the back of the truck and to be sure not to fall off!"
    The lorry
    The wood sign with "QUARRYMEN" was painted in red. It was hung from the back of the truck to identify the band during the parade.
    After the procession ended near the field behind the church, somebody was saying that John Lennon had a girl with him in the 'Cuckoo Club', which was a small floral garden on the church grounds located near a cuckoo clock, and surrounded by some shrubs which created a private sitting area. Doug and some of his friends snuck up behind the shrubs and spied John sitting with the girl. They all started saying "cuckoo". This caused Lennon to get quite upset and he stormed off angrily.

    An artists rendition of the first meeting of John and Paul. Eric Cash's painting "The Introduction," which depicts the meeting of John Lennon and Paul McCartney on July 6, 1957, will hang on the wall of the church hall at St. Peter’s in Woolton village, Liverpool, where Lennon and McCartney first met at the annual Garden Fete.

    In conjunction with Horst Fascher, founder of Hamburg's celebrated Star-Club, Garrelt Danker Medienproduktion, the German media company, brings music legends of the 50s and 60s back into the limelight - with lots of humour and affection.
    "The Quarrymen - The Band that started The Beatles" (65 min) - the first film of the Horst Fascher Star-Club TV series, celebrates its television premiere on June 14, 2009. What better subject for this first episode than the fascinating story of the early days of the most famous music group of all time?

    Although The Star-Club was born in Hamburg in 1962 the echoes of its success continue to reverberate worldwide throughout today’s rock and pop music. Under the guidance of Horst Fascher himself, Star-Club TV is the legitimate successor of the original Star-Club and still boasts the original logo.
    Featured in the film are interviews with Colin Hanton, Len Garry and Rod Davis, three original members of the "Pre-Beatles" - John Lennon’s 1950s group "The Quarrymen" to which Paul McCartney and George Harrison both belonged.
    The film also includes newly discovered photos, which have lain hidden since July 1957, of the “Day John Met Paul” at the St Peter’s Church Fete in Woolton, Liverpool, together with live footage of a modern-day concert by the remaining Quarrymen and the sound of their first new single for over 50 years - "Never stop Rockin’ ‘n’ Rollin’".
    For more information about Star-Club TV and dates and times of television showings of "The Quarrymen - The Band that started The Beatles"”, please visit:
    First showing of the German language version: Sunday 14 June 2009 at 8 pm on Volksmusik TV.
    Recommended reading:

    July 6th 1957 at The Savage Young Beatles site

    Thursday, 7 May 2009

    Change Begins Within - new DVD

    Change Begins Within DVD
    Click for the full DVD cover

    Another DVD put together from clips has been compiled for this concert and is currently circulating on the internet, we hear. A review we read had this to say:
    "This is a decent collection of clips and small fan interviews from the show. Not the best in quality sometimes, but very watchable. Some bits are great to see as this might be the only footage we'll ever see!! This is news footage, maybe hand held camera but clearly some is recorded to cell phones etc. Some very good looking and some VERY close!"
    Here's the track list for this DVD.
    1. Scalp
    2. Cosmically Conscious (From Off The Ground)
    3. Press Review
    4. Ap News Report
    5. Meet The Fans
    6. Yoko In My Dreams
    7. Paul, Paul, Paul
    8. Signatures
    9. 1st Half Review
    10. 2nd Half Review
    The Concert:
    11. My Sweet Lord (Sheryl Crow)
    12. Eddie Vedder Solo
    13. Vedder/ Harper
    14. Under Pressure (Vedder)
    15. Wear Your Love Like Heaven (Donovan)
    16. Season Of The Witch
    17. It Don’t Come Easy (Ringo)
    18. Boys
    19. Yellow Submarine
    20. Drive My Car (Paul)
    21. Jet
    22. Got To Get You Into My Life
    23. Let It Be
    24. Lady Madonna
    25. Blackbird
    26. Here Today
    27. Band On The Run
    28. Can’t Buy Me Love
    29. With A Little Help From My Friends
    30. Cosmically Conscious
    31. Final Bows

    So it looks like we have something to put on our shelves until the pro-shot version is broadcast (by PBS, rumours say). Meanwhile, I also hear there's a good DVD from the Coachella Festival and a title called "Smokin the Joint" from the Hard Rock, Las Vegas making their rounds in the trading circles.

    Much ado: The new George Harrison compilation

    The Best of George Harrison - original US cover for the vinyl edition
    The US edition of The Best of George Harrison - a compilation from the mid-seventies.

    Contrary to rumours, the new press release from Capitol/EMI about "Let It Roll - The Best of George Harison" shows an unchanged track list, the tracks are exactly like we said in our previous post about the matter.
    Anyway, here's the rest of the text from the press release:

    The single disc, to be released June 16 (June 15 internationally), includes a 28-page booklet with previously unseen and rare photos plus new liner notes authored by Warren Zanes. The 19 tracks have been digitally remastered by Giles Martin at EMI's Abbey Road Studios. The release will be available in CD and digital formats.

    "Let It Roll: Songs by George Harrison is a gathering of material that takes us far into the territory that was ultimately a place unique to George Harrison," writes Warren Zanes in his liner notes essay for the new collection.

    "The keyhole into the world of George Harrison is the music itself. Yet his songs and the accomplishments for which he's remembered are inextricably bound - and those accomplishments are, without question, eclectic in scope,"
    Zanes says in his liner notes.

    George Harrison is a twice-inducted member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, as a member of the Beatles and as a solo artist. He is an 11-time Grammy Award winner for recordings with The Beatles, The Traveling Wilburys and his solo career. On April 14, Harrison was honored with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
    The new release on Amazon:

    Previous George Harrison Compilations:

    Tuesday, 5 May 2009

    Unseen Lennon photos

    Ringo, John and Yoko

    Mojo Magazine are presenting some hitherto unseen John&Yoko photos by photographer Henry Pessar, who accompanied the couple "from Paris to the Amsterdam Hilton", documenting their honeymoon. The magazine has also published an online gallery with the photos for all to see.
    Click for story
    Click for Gallery