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Sunday, 17 May 2009

16mm pristine Shea print for sale

The Beatles at Shea Stadium, 1965. One of the most memorable moment in rock'n'roll history. A great opportunity has just been opened on ebay, someone is selling a pristine 16mm print of the concert documentary. Here is the seller's description of this item: "This is an absolutely amazing original network print of The Beatles Shea Stadium concert in August of 1966. Check out the screen caps! This is the best film in my entire collection and I hate parting with it. It is complete with all titles, no splices, no scratches and printed on LPP low fade stock and no vinegar smell. This is a premium investment quality print. It even has the commercial bumpers still in it." The seller is located in Los Angeles, and the auction ended on May 19th at $1,300.99.

Ebay link

Here's a frame from the film, follow the ebay link to see more.
There are very good DVD bootlegs out on the market of this film, but none have matched the quality of the Shea footage officially released on the Anthology DVDs or the Dizzy Miss Lizzy promotional film released by Capitol in 2006.

See our informative Shea At Last post for more about this concert and the concert film.


Anonymous said...

Wow, beautiful footage.

Unknown said...

I have the complete 16mm beatles at shea stadium and 16 mm magical mystery tour for sale to go to my uncles ongoing cancer treatment shoot me a price