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Thursday, 28 May 2009

Beatlemania Hamburg

Indra, Top Ten, Kaiserkeller, Star Club - these were the clubs on the Reeperbahn in Hamburg / Germany, where in the early 1960s the young and just-formed Beatles honed their skills onstage daily, for up to nine hours at a time, and from where they went on to conquer the world. From May 29th the Beatles will once again have a home in Hamburg, in the place where it all began - on the Reeperbahn, just a guitar's throw from the recently inaugurated Beatles Square and the venues in which they once performed. A unique project dedicated to the Liverpool band is opening its doors: BEATLEMANIA Hamburg.

Visitors to BEATLEMANIA can travel through time, re-living the world of the Beatles. Over 1300 square metres, the exhibition has a lot to offer: A fascinating experience using extraordinary displays of original items and unconventional presentations of selected eras of the Beatles' career - from the Hamburg days up until their break-up. Visitors can follow the footsteps of John, Paul, George and Ringo during their wild times in Hamburg, record songs at Abbey Road Studios and experience the madness of Beatlemania at its peak.

BEATLEMANIA is located right in the heart of the world-famous Reeperbahn, these days undergoing a transformation from a former red-light district to a cool entertainment and music venue. The tradition of attracting young artists and promising new talents continues, and hence, the spot where 50 years ago the story of the Beatles begun still has the liveliest music scene in Northern Europe and still young bands start their careers right here.
WogBlog is happy that Beatles travellers now have a museum in the midst of these historic surroundings. And we'll bet they have a souvenir shop as well!
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emixdub said...

That's a great news !! Recently relocated to Berlin, I will definitely pop over there during the summer. The last time I was in Hamburg was in May 2007.

Thanks for the great article and pictures !

Frank D. Badenius said...

Guess what: They have a souvenir shop..!

Lots of pix of Hamburg and Beatlemania to look at in our new gallery:

Members of our website were there in order to celebrate ten years of (i.e. Man we was happy!

Greetz from Hamburg, Germany,
Frank D. Badenius