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Thursday, 7 May 2009

Change Begins Within - new DVD

Change Begins Within DVD
Click for the full DVD cover

Another DVD put together from clips has been compiled for this concert and is currently circulating on the internet, we hear. A review we read had this to say:
"This is a decent collection of clips and small fan interviews from the show. Not the best in quality sometimes, but very watchable. Some bits are great to see as this might be the only footage we'll ever see!! This is news footage, maybe hand held camera but clearly some is recorded to cell phones etc. Some very good looking and some VERY close!"
Here's the track list for this DVD.
1. Scalp
2. Cosmically Conscious (From Off The Ground)
3. Press Review
4. Ap News Report
5. Meet The Fans
6. Yoko In My Dreams
7. Paul, Paul, Paul
8. Signatures
9. 1st Half Review
10. 2nd Half Review
The Concert:
11. My Sweet Lord (Sheryl Crow)
12. Eddie Vedder Solo
13. Vedder/ Harper
14. Under Pressure (Vedder)
15. Wear Your Love Like Heaven (Donovan)
16. Season Of The Witch
17. It Don’t Come Easy (Ringo)
18. Boys
19. Yellow Submarine
20. Drive My Car (Paul)
21. Jet
22. Got To Get You Into My Life
23. Let It Be
24. Lady Madonna
25. Blackbird
26. Here Today
27. Band On The Run
28. Can’t Buy Me Love
29. With A Little Help From My Friends
30. Cosmically Conscious
31. Final Bows

So it looks like we have something to put on our shelves until the pro-shot version is broadcast (by PBS, rumours say). Meanwhile, I also hear there's a good DVD from the Coachella Festival and a title called "Smokin the Joint" from the Hard Rock, Las Vegas making their rounds in the trading circles.


Anonymous said...

where can i find more info /download the macca "Smokin the Joint" from the Hard Rock, Las Vegas title please?



Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

THANKS "Anonymous"!

(i don't do torrents--have to find someone who knows how, i guess.)