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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Will The Real Mr Sellers Please Stand Up (1969)

A weird 1969 Peter Sellers documentary, made to promote The Magic Christian, including appearances by Ringo, Paul and Linda, and John. Most of these appearances are in segment 3. The documentary was never repeated by the BBC, possibly due to the fact that Peter Sellers thought he came across as depressed. Spike Milligan narrates and dissects Peter's persona in the process. A word of warning: The documentary includes strong scenes (bullfight, open heart surgery, nudity) and language. Peter Sellers lived for 11 more years after this documentary. On 22 July 1980 Sellers collapsed from a massive heart attack in his Dorchester Hotel room and fell into a coma. He died in a London hospital just after midnight on 24 July, aged 54.

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