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Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Beatles Collectable Cards

UK Collectable cards

During the sixties, there was the collectable cards craze, and I suppose there are still those who indulge in this kind of thing. Some cards included a chewing gum, some didn't. The american made collectors cards are fairly well documented, but cards in different series were released worldwide by local companies jumping on the Beatles bandwagon.

Yellow Submarine Cards

In Sweden, the cards were and still are called "Filmisar" or "filmies", because most pictures were of famous stars of the screen. Here in Norway, local cards were never made, but sometimes we could find swedish "filmies" included in a bag of sweets. Finnish cards were also commonly available. UK cards were for sale as packs of 2 cards and a chewing gum. 

Swedish collectable cards

As far as I know, international collectors cards have never been documented in a world spanning "cardography".   Take a look at different collectors cards on these pages.

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