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Tuesday, 23 June 2009

McCartney listed in Boston

Jambase are listing two new concerts for Paul McCartney, both in the Boston Red Sox home base, Fenway Park. The proposed dates are Wednesday, August 5th and Thursday, August 6th. We assume that the official word will eventually pop up over at the official Red Sox site.
Updated itiniary for what is beginning to look like a small tour:
4. Sat Radio City New York, NY
17. Fri Coachella Indio, CA
19. Sun The New Joint Las Vegas, NV
May - June: Break
11. Sat Halifax Commons Halifax, NS
17. Fri Citi Field Flushing, NY
18. Sat Citi Field Flushing, NY
21. Tue Citi Field Flushing, NY
01. Sat FedEx Field Landover, MD
05. Wed Fenway Park Boston, MA
06. Thu Fenway Park Boston, MA
15. Sat Piedmont Park Conservatory Atlanta, GA

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Anonymous said...

[b]16 April 2010[/b]
Maracana Stadium Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

[b]18 April 2010[/b]
Morumbi Stadium Sao Paulo, Brazil

[b]21 April 2010[/b]
Esplanada dos Ministerios, Brazil

Atlanta, GA (announcement on June 25th)!!!

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