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Saturday, 22 August 2009

Promoting 090909

As we're approaching 090909, the Beatles promotion machine is picking up speed. But when you are The Beatles, you also get a lot of free publicity any upcoming band would have killed for. Just take a glance at the sampling of what our news stands are going to look like (above).
And in the UK, the BBC are planning a week of Beatles TV broadcasting, centered around what looks like a TV programme made up of all the mini documentaries included with the new remasters.
At the recent "Island" festival here in Oslo, Norway, one of the highlights was an advanced demo of the The Beatles:RockBand game, and I understand that the demo tent was jam packed most of the time.
This coming Thursday, I have been invited by EMI of Norway to come and listen to samples from the remasters. Yep, we're definitely getting closer.

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