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Monday, 7 December 2009

Frog Chorus Redemption

The British press has forever had one big grudge against Paul McCartney: We All Stand Together, with Paul McCartney and the Frog Chorus. Time after time, that's a song that is brought forward as an example of how bad a songwriter McCartney was in the eighties. We fans are sick and tired of the British cocaine-snorting journalists dragging this one song down in the mud, because they're out of examples. Here's a quote from today's The Times: "It’s possible that the most successful songwriter in pop history is on the verge of finally being forgiven for the Frog Chorus."
Let me tell you a couple of facts about the song.
  1. It's a children's song, i.e. it was specifically made for kids.
  2. The home video of Rupert and the Frog song was the #1 top-selling video in the UK the year it was released.
  3. We fans love it!
  4. Did we tell you it was a children's song? And a highly successfull one, at that?
  5. Versatility in an artist is not a drawback, but a plus.

And people who grew up with the song and it's video has great affection for it. Just take a look at this link.

Now let's just be grateful that the British press still haven't heard the bootleg soundtrack to the aborted full length feature of Rupert The Bear that Paul always wanted to make.


Peerke said...

I loved it when it was released and so many years later, I still love it.
If it was a song from a Disneymovie it would be considered a classic. Which of course it is. Great song, great performance.

Keir said...

That's the kind of rigorous revisionist analysis I try top get out of my history students!
I've been trying this past hour to upload a few pdf Beatles books to you with megaupload but each time I'm told an error has coccurred...