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Wednesday, 16 December 2009

(I Want To) Come Home nominations

The new song by Paul McCartney, currently featured on his Good Evening Europe Tour, "(I Want To) Come Home" has been released as a download from online music stores. It is also available as a single-song CD-R with the above cover photo, which you may order from stores like Mix'n'burn (handy for those of us who feels there's a void in our CD collection when all we have is a downloaded mp3 file). Today, the music video for the song was also released officially by Paul.

McCartney, who has written only a handful of songs specifically for films, decided to contribute the emotional ballad (I Want To) Come Home for the story about a widower's (Robert DeNiro) relationship with his grown children. The director of "Everybody's Fine" was Kirk Jones, who decided to give McCartney a hand with the songwriting.
When Jones had some editing suggestions, the former Beatle listened. He added an instrumental intro to the song and switched the first and third verses. Then Jones suggested a change in the lyrics.
"I remember going over in the cab (to meet McCartney) and saying the only way I could do justice to him and the film was to be honest," Jones said.
With McCartney, he settled for two out of three.
"I don't want to be above the process," McCartney said. "I don't want to be one of those people who says, 'How dare you play with my music! My music is sacred!'
"I wrote for a movie. I might as well hear what the director has to say. But when he did go a comment too far, I did shut the door."
Jones had almost lost McCartney earlier. As McCartney sat in the screening room and the movie reached the emotional climax where he knew that any song he wrote would appear, he heard the place holder that Jones had also considered: Aretha Franklin singing McCartney's Beatles classic Let It Be.
"I go, 'I can't do this!' " McCartney said. " 'Are you kidding me? I can't do that.' My immediate reaction was, 'No way, dude.' "
But after seeing the movie, an idea came to him the next night.
"I thought, I like the film so much, I'll see if it works," he recalled. "Gradually, from there, I tried to use (Let It Be) as an inspiration for a new, different kind of song, but hopefully in the same emotional ballpark."
Jones said he loves how the new song works for the movie.
"I think it was sung with heart and passion and with honesty."

Over the last couple of days. the song has gotten nominated for "Best song from a film", both at the Critics' Choice Movie Awards and the Golden Globe Awards. We're still awaiting the announcements for the most prestigious one, the Academy Awards. Meanwhile, you can vote for the song over at the Critics' Choice Movie Awards, just click here!

There's a three track promo single out in USA (Catalogue Number: BVPR002552), with the same song )and the same version) three times.

1 comment:

bx6095 said...

You say "download from online music stores". Is it available in any European store? AFAIK it is a US-only download still.

I'm still hoping that it will get a physical release when the movie hits Europe.