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Thursday, 3 December 2009

McCartney Tour Opening

Just a quick report from the opening of the Good Evening Europe Tour. There were a few changes in the set list since the US tour, and Paul was in fine voice.
Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da went over well with the Germans with it's unmistakable rhythm. I was disappointed that the set list changes had squeezed out "I'm Down", after it only had been played a few times. There are many stalwarts which could have been retired in favour of the new songs. Paul did a fine rendition of "And I Love Her", in it's original Beatles arrangement, as opposed to the more duet-like arrangement that was used for the Unplugged tour of 1991, it's only earlier live appearance.
Here's the full set list:

1. Magical Mystery Tour
2. Drive My Car
3. Jet
4. Only Mama Knows
5. Flaming Pie
6. Got To Get You Into My life
7. Let Me roll it/Foxy Lady ending
8. Highway
9. The Long And Winding Road
10. I Want To Come Home (from the new film with DeNiro, making it's live premiere)
11. My Love
12. Blackbird
13. Here Today
14. Dance Tonight (shouts of "Ram On" was ignored)
15. And I Love Her (not played live since 1991)
16. Mrs Vanderbilt
17. Eleanor Rigby
18. Band On The Run
19. Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da (never played live before!)
20. Sing The Changes
21. Back In The USSR
22. Something
23. I've Got A Feeling / jam ending
24. Paperback Writer / jam ending
25. A Day In The Life / Give Peace A Chance
26. Let It Be
27. Live And Let Die
28. Hey Jude

First encore :

29. Day Tripper
30. Lady Madonna
31. Get Back

Second encore :

32. Yesterday
33. Helter Skelter
34. Sgt Pepper's Reprise / The End

Songs from the US tour that were not meant for European ears: Calico Skies, I Saw Her Standing There, I'm Down (that last one has NEVER been performed anywhere but in the USA ever! What's the deal, Paul?)
Tour merchandise had been produced and were for sale at the venue. Paul had even gone to the trouble of translating the Tour Programme to German, so it was available as "Good Evening Germany" at 15 Euros.


Anonymous said...

Pauyl has never played I'm down outside USA during his solo years but he surely did it with The Beatles:
Blackpool Aug. 1 1965.

Anonymous said...

Also the 1966 Beatles World tour featured I'm Down.

supervisión P215 said...

sometimes I wonder... why, having such an amazing number of songs, McCartney has never made a radical change in the set list? Personally I dream about a concert full of wings songs only (McCartney album included)