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Friday, 8 January 2010

Ringo in LA (and on vinyl again!)

(Los Angeles) In conjunction with the Grammy Museum's series "An evening with..." Ringo Starr will be a guest at their event on the 19th of January. He will be interviewed by the museum's Executive Director Robert Santelli, answer questions from the audience and perform. His backing band on this occasions is Ben Harper and the Relentless 7, the same band that backed him at David Lynch's charity concert in New York's Radio City Music Hall in April last year. Friends of the Museum were able to buy tickets to the event before anyone else, resulting in a sold out event after only 15 minutes. Some of those tickets can now be found on ebay, probably not to Ringo's liking. Remember that he was complaining about people sending him stuff to sign only to put them on ebay days after he had sent their items back?

The Grammy Museum Program Page

Universal tells me that the international release date for "Y Not" is February 1. How come the record business keep complaining about people downloading music when they can't coordinate a release so that it'll hit all markets simultaneously? The way they are conducting their business, they are giving the pirates a head start of more than 14 days to rip and spread the music. It was the same with Macca's "Good Evening New York City", it was out on the streets in the USA more than a month earlier than in Europe, so it had been available as an illegal download a long time before it was in the shops here. Eager fans would download the entire package and then delay buying the legal version until it has been priced down.

Of course, we can always preorder the album from Amazon and get it in our mailboxes a week or more before it's in the shop here, further hurting domestic sales.

One other piece of good news for us vinyl collectors is that Ringo Starr's new album will be available in that format, perhaps a symptom of the vinyl revival we've read so much about for a couple of years now. The vinyl LP of "Y Not" has a release date of January 19th, according to Amazon. Ringo stopped making his albums available on vinyl many years ago, but has apparently changed his wicked ways. The recent McCartney live CD "Good Evening New York City" has also got a Good Evening New York City [4 LP] listing over at Amazon, but without cover art or a fixed release date.

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