Monday, 22 February 2010

The Come Together Festival in Hamburg

Here's the programme for the Come Together festival in Hamburg,  which kicks off the city's "50 years since The Beatles arrived" - anniversary a little bit premature on May 22nd (they didn't arrive until August 16th, when the Indra Club is hosting a festival of it's own)
* Juvenile Chamberorchestra Berlin - Till Schwabenbauer Berlin
* The Beatles-Tribute band Liverpool from Sweden
* The Creapers, rock according to John Lennon (the 60-62 period)
* The Rattles, "the German Beatles"
* The Mini Beats, who starded 10 years ago when they were 10-12 years old
* St. Pauli Rock Kids a very young rock band from Hamburg
* Karl Terry & the Cruisers from Liverpool
* Tony Sheridan & band, recorded various songs with the Beatles
* Special guest: Juliet Gough from London
* Talk guest: Freda Kelly former secretary of Brian Epstein
* Talk guest: Joe Flannery, Brian Epsteins booking manager
* Talk guest: Stuart Epps, worked with George Harrison and produced Elton John
* VIP: Cynthia Lennon, Pete Best, Liverpool
* Horst Fascher, co-founder of the Star-Club
* A doubledecker bus (courtesy of the Hamburg bureau of Tourism)
* 2 English mounted bobbies
* special surprises during the festival
* Guitar maker Höfner with an exhibit of a 6 meter high Beatles Bass
* Paul McCartney with a videomessage especially for the occasion

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