Monday, 29 March 2010

Arizona Soundcheck

Here's the setlist from last night's pre-concert soundcheck (for the concert setlist, see my previous post):
1. Hi Ho Silver (Paul on guitar)
2. Honey Don't
3. Coming Up (switch to Hofner bass)
4. Band On The Run
5. Letting Go
6. Venus & Mars/Rock Show
7. Jet
8. Highway
9. (I Want To) Come Home (switch to piano)
10. 1985
11. The Long And Winding Road
12. The Long And Winding Road
13. Young Love (switch to acoustic guitar - this is the 1950's big hit by Sonny James)
14. Two Of Us
15. I'm Looking Through You
16. Dance Tonight (switch to mandolin)
17. Ram On (switch to ukelele)
18. Something (stops halfway through as the uke keeps going out of tune)
19. Paperback Writer (switch to the Epiphone Casino)


TheOasisDaily said...

The song you call 'Hi Ho Silver' is still called 'Honey Hush' :)
- Linda

Wogew said...

It's an old habit, from when the song was identified as "Hi Ho Silver" on old vinyl Get Back bootlegs!