Monday, 8 March 2010

Nowhere Boy Home Video Release

Icon Home Entertainment today announced the May 10th DVD and Blu-ray release of Sam Taylor-Wood’s rock and roll John Lennon film biopic "Nowhere Boy".
The feature film and additional exclusive bonus features boast a combined running time of more than 2 ½ hours of entertainment.
Nowhere Boy is the directorial debut of conceptual film artist Sam Taylor-Wood. The film recreates John Lennon’s teenage years and his introduction to music – from first band The Quarrymen - to his early relationship with Paul McCartney and George Harrison, all of which culminates in the formation of The Beatles and their historic trip to Hamburg. But all that is just a canvas surrounding the core story of the movie, which is all about Lennon's relationship with two women: the one who gave birth to him - his mother Julia - and the one who brought him up - his aunt Mimi. A key scene in the movie is when the five year old John is forced to choose between going away to New Zealand with his father - or to stay home in Liverpool with his mother. In the end, he didn't get either one.

Nowhere Boy’s DVD & Blu-ray releases are jam-packed with exclusive bonus features, including:

* Director Commentary with Sam Taylor-Wood
* “Lennon’s Liverpool” Featurette
* “The re-creation of Lennon and the Quarrymen” Featurette
* Anatomy of the scene: “That’s When I Stole Him” Featurette
* Extended interview with Sam Taylor-Wood
* 3 Deleted Scenes, as introduced by Sam Taylor-Wood

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