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Saturday, 10 April 2010

Beatles weekend on Australian Radio

Beginning at 8am, Saturday 10th April and continuing until midnight Sunday 11th April, ABC Beatles will give listeners the opportunity to hear rare and exclusive material drawn from the depths of the BBC Radio archives. The broadcast will include an in-depth history of the band, interviews and recordings from their visits to BBC studios and carefully crafted documentaries.

"Most of the material that's in the BBC Radio archives would never have been broadcast in Australia before. With such an auspicious anniversary upon us and now having the ability to create special event digital radio broadcasts, we felt it was high time the Australian public heard it." ABC Digital Radio Content Director, Stuart Matchett said.
Digital Radio can be heard in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth and also online.

The schedule
all times AEST

Saturday April 10
8:00am Nothing's Gonna Change My World
9:20am The Beatles Story
2:53pm The White Album at 40
3:50pm Songwriters - Lennon and McCartney
4:04pm Nothing's Gonna Change My World
5:26pm The Beatles At The Beeb Take 2
6:23pm The Beatles Story

Sunday April 11
0:08am Songwriters - Lennon and McCartney
0.22am The Making of Sgt Pepper
1:18am The Beeb's Lost Beatles Tapes
8:02am Nothing's Gonna Change My World
9:23am The White Album at 40
10:21am The Beeb's Lost Beatles Tapes
5:04pm Nothing's Gonna Change My World
6:29pm The Beatles Story

Midnight ABC Beatles ends

Links to listen online: Windows Audio  -  Real Media
The contents are not available on demand, so you'll hear it at the same time as it's broadcast (plus internet delay, of course).
ABC Beatles Official Website

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