Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Lennon-produced album reissued

When the Lennons moved to New York, they were met by up and coming New York musicians who wanted a touch of that Beatles magic. One of those was David Peel, and he ended up with an album on Apple Records backed by the Lower East Side and produced by John and Yoko.
Lennon said: "People say, Oh, you know Peel - he can't sing, or he can't really play and that, but he writes beautiful songs, you know, and even sort of as simple as his basic chord structures are, supposedly. - Well you know - Picasso spent 40 years trying to get as simple as that."
Finally available on CD, you can now purchase this Limited Edition release directly from the publisher. The CD edition contains three bonus tracks: "Amerika" (with Yoko Ono), an interview with John Lennon "How Did You Meet David Peel?" and a remix of "Everybody's Smokin'"

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Professor Benjamin Levi Marks said...

i have an original virgin copy of it for somne reason