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Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Up and Coming news

Bootleg CD's from the current Paul McCartney "Up and Coming" Tour are starting to appear, both for sale and for free download. Also, some DVD's made from YouTube clips have started to appear. As technology moves on, these kind of concert DVD's are getting better and better. And you can find enough clips on YouTube and similar sites to account for a complete concert! Of course, the more popular song the song is, the more clips you will find of it, and the talking between the songs are harder to find. Also, the lesser known  songs can be difficult to find, as only few people would bother to film it. Still, those are exactly the kind of songs we diehards are most anxious to hear.
Meanwhile, McCartney has already started to sell tickets for his concert in Mexico on the 27th of May, one day early! So if you're planning to go, you should get over to the official site and click for tickets!


Anonymous said...

Roger, I was there at Jobing in Glendale for opening night of the tour and the show was spectacular. I've been trying to find a bootleg of it for weeks, but even after spending several hours searching through google to find a copy, I'm coming up empty. Any chance you could help a die hard fan of the site out or at least giving me a hint in the right direction?

wogew said...

I saw a bootleg DVD over at the other day...