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Thursday, 22 April 2010

Wings in Rock and Roll Hall of Fame

There's currently an ongoing campaign to get the band Wings inaugorated at the "Rock And Roll Hall of Fame". The debate has reached new levels since it was announced that the Swedish pop group "Abba" was to be given this honour, whereas well known bands like "The Moody Blues" still aren't in. A Facebook group was started last month, Get Wings in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and currently has more than 1000 members. Jorie Gracen also started a petition online, Nominate Wings for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, which at the time of writing has been signed by a bit over 6000 people.
We're thinking that now that Paul McCartney's collected back catalogue is due for a re-release on Concord Music, Paul could use a little extra PR to make some waves about it. So why not reunite Wings? Perhaps hold a few concerts? McCartney is aware of the fact that Wings still is a popular band, especially among old original Wings fans, but they are also enjoying credibility among other rock stars. In later years, Paul is incorporating more Wings numbers in his act, which has been warmly welcomed by his audience. He and Denny Laine has buried the old hatchet, and he did a shout out to Henry McCulloch the last time he played Dublin. The next move would be to get him up on the stage!

In conjunction with "The Fest For Beatles Fans" in the USA, there has been some hitherto unknown Wings-constellations featuring musicians from various lineups of the band, but without Paul. I say it's time for a true Wings reunion!
What do you think?
Should Wings be a part of the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame?
Is Wings a real band, or were they just incidental musicians who backed Paul McCartney?
Should Wings reunite? And who should be the drummer, in that case?

Rock And Roll Hall of Fame Inductees

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Professor Benjamin Levi Marks said...

Fyi: I was right up front for the 1976 Seattle King Dome performance used for the Wings Over America film.