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Thursday, 22 April 2010

Wings leakage

Many moons ago, we told you that a boxed set of McCartney rarities and outtakes was in the works and due for release for Christmas 2010. A few days ago, it was revealed that the entire back catalogue of Macca was about to be re-released this autumn, starting with Band on The Run in August. We don't know whether these news have something to do with each other. Maybe the boxed set is off and the tracks will be included as bonus tracks on the new version of the catalogue or maybe they'll still be an entity of their own. What's new is that seven tracks from the project now has leaked on the internet as wav files:
Silly Love Songs.....without brass/strings
Must do Something About It , Paul on voice.
Richard Cory demo,
Time To Hide (no vocals):
Soily (1976 studio version):
She's My Baby (take 1):
Wino Junko (rough mix with unused guitar fills):

1 comment:

Sergio Taraddei said...

The tracks surfaced on the net are 19!With great demo rendition of songs like "Daytime nightime suffering" or "What' your doing" from Tug of War session! :-)