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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

BBC Pop Documentaries Catalogue

This is a list of The Beatles and related programmes listed by BBC Worldwide Audio & Music, a division which licences programmes produced by the BBC to foreign radio stations. The version of the catalogue presented here was last updated 29/10/2007.

The Beatles
Title: The Beatles At The Beeb
Programme length: 56 minutes 50 seconds
Production year: unknown
(Kit Version Available, which means that a complete transcript of the show can be provided with a CD containing the interviews and another containing selected tracks from the artists)
Order number: TCD0945

Title: The BBC A-Z Of The Beatles
Programme length: 240 episodes of 5 minutes
Production Year: 1996
This extraordinary collection of 240 short form inserts covers every song the Beatles ever wrote. Each song is combined with script giving an insight into the music and unique interviews with the fab four. Presented by Brian Matthew, the man of whom Paul McCartney once said, "It's all right, he's with us!"
(Kit Version Available)
Order number: TCD1130

Title: The Beatles Story
Programme length: 6 episodes of 60 minutes
Production Year: 1992
The BBC Beatles Story gives the most accurate and thorough presentation of the group's history from an organisation that enjoyed a very special relationship with the band from beginning to end.
Order number: TCD0353

Title: The Beatles – Sergeant Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band
Programme length: 55 minutes 03 seconds
Production Year: 1992
A profile of the most influential pop album of all time.
Order number: TCD0249

Title: The Beatles At Christmas
Programme length: 55 minutes 28 seconds
Production Year: 1992
Highlights of the fab four's famous seasonal flexi-discs, combined with rare recordings of their BBC Christmas shows and of course, all of their Christmas chart successes.
Order number: TCD0333

Title: Nothing’s Gonna Change My World
Programme length: 3 episodes of 30 minutes
Production Year: 2003
For forty years the music of four fab young men from Liverpool has provided a soundtrack to life on planet Earth. Each new generation seems to have fallen under their spell, with the recent 'One' anthology selling more than 20 million copies across the globe. Phill Jupitus investigates their impact on the music industry.
Order number: FE0144

John Lennon
Title: When John Met John
Programme length: 30 minutes
Production Year: 2005
On Thanksgiving night, 1974, on the stage of New York's Madison Square Garden, Elton John, then the best-selling artist in America, announced a surprise guest to the delight of the ecstatic crowd. Another titan of rock, John Lennon, walked on stage and sang with Elton in what was to be Lennon's last public appearance before his assassination. Paul Gambaccini was there and shares his memories of the unique event with musicians and audience members who were present when history was being made.
Order number FE0184.1

Title: The Legacy
Programme length: 30 minutes 24 seconds
Production Year: 2000
The year 2000 marks a double anniversary for John Lennon. He would have celebrated his sixtieth birthday, and sadly it’s now twenty years since he died. For the next half hour we’re following the trail of the legacy of his life and music, from the break up of the Beatles right through to the present day.
(Kit Version Available)
Order number: PD73

Title: In My Life – Lennon Remembered
Programme length: 10 episodes of 60 minutes
Production Year: 1990
Full profile of John Lennon's life and music, based largely on an interview recorded by the BBC a few days before his death in 1980 - it turned out to be the last interview he would ever record.
Order number: CN5600

Title: The Best Of Lennon
Programme length: 58 minutes
Production year: 1997
A quick round up of the best known records from John’s solo career, including brief interview clips to go with each track. Can be used either as a one hour special or as ten individual inserts. (Combines with the BEST OF BOWIE for a two-hour show.)
(Kit Version Available)
Order number: PD0011

Title: Songs in the Key of Lennon
Programme length: 5 episodes of 15 minutes
Production year: 2006
John Lennon wrote intimate accounts of his relationships and put them to music. Robert Sandall talks to friends and family about five such songs and what light they shed on the man.
Order number: FE0207

Paul McCartney
Title: Paul McCartney’s Roots Of Rock
Programme length: 120 minutes
Production year: 1999
He was the driving force behind the most influential band of all time, The Beatles. He’s released huge selling solo albums, written movie soundtracks and has composed classical pieces. And then there are the countless awards, the platinum albums and The Queen has knighted him. So how does (Sir) Paul McCartney round off the century that he helped shape? He goes back to his first love in music - the energetic, exciting rock ‘n’ roll of his youth. For Roots Of
Rock he talks us through those songs and also dips into his record collection to play the music that had such a massive impact on Paul and his three mates from Liverpool.
(Kit Version Available)
Order number: TT6061

Title: Paul McCartney at 60
Programme length: Part 1 : 55 minutes 07 seconds, Part 2 : 54 minutes 59 seconds
Production year: 2002
He is the most successful singer songwriter of modern pop music, he was a member of the greatest band of all time, and this year he not only celebrates his 40th year as a star… but also his 60th birthday. Paul McCartney has been at the top of his profession since The Beatles very first single Love Me Do entered the UK Top 20 in late 1962. Ever since as a member of The Beatles, and later Wings, and then as a soloist Paul has produced a stream of memorable hit
records. In this special 2-part documentary we explore Paul’s life and music since his childhood days in Liverpool in the 1940s.
(Kit Version Available)
Order number: PD0079

Profiles of well-known artists talking about their careers up until the release date of the profile.

George Harrison

Programme length: 2 episodes of 60 minutes
Production year: 1977
Order number: CN2832

Paul McCartney

Title: Paul McCartney’s Wings
Programme length: 60 minutes
Production year: 1976
Order number: CN2479

Title: none
Programme length: 60 minutes
Production year: 1982
Order number: CN3989

Title: Pipes of Peace
Programme length: 60 minutes
Production year: 1984
Order number: CN4327

Title: All The Best
Programme length: 60 minutes
Production year: 1987
Order number: CN5065

SGT Pepper
Programme length: 60 minutes
Production year: 1987
Order number:CN5119

So, if you are running a radio station and wants to feature some quality shows about the Beatles, get in touch with the BBC!

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