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Sunday, 20 June 2010

Signed Beatles Albums

Someone just brought to my attention an excellent article by Steve Cyrkin about genuine and fake Beatles autographs. Using the only two known copies of real autographed Abbey Road albums, the ones from Cathy Sarver and Lizzie Bravo's (both well known "Apple Scruffs") collections as examples, Cyrkin exposes a sleuth of forged autographs on this album. Cathy Sarver's autographed Abbey Road is depicted above.
Another fascinating feature in the article, is that Cyrkin gives an estimate as to how many genuine autographed Beatles album covers he knows of. There are only about a dozen US label Beatles albums known, signed by the full band. UK ones, around 50-75 "Please Please Me" albums, 15-20 "With The Beatles" albums and around 20 later albums with real signatures! Guess they were more eager in the beginning...

Here's the article
More about authenticating Beatles autographs here.

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