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Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Red and Blue mistakes

Date correctly but not accurately identified in 1993 edition red and blue album booklets

Date incorrectly adjusted in 2010 red and blue album booklets

This is the full picture, here from the 1993 red album booklet. Keen readers of my blog and Beatles photo aficionados will know that this "mad day out" photo was taken on the 28th of July 1968. There are two current books out or due out, both filled with photos from that particular day. Couldn't they just have asked a Beatles fan?

In the new edition of the red album booklet, George isn't smoking, so what's he doing with his fingers?

In the 1993 edition of the booklet, he did. And he also showed up at the release party for the CD's. -sigh-
I haven't bothered reading the new liner notes, I fear for the mistakes I might find...


Breno Augusto said...

the memory of the Beatles goes bad!

Keir said...

Did they commission George Lucas to remake these albums?
Ridiculous censorship; I teach history and spend time on Stalin's whitewashing of history, and now the Beatles are complicit.

Missus Comunicación said...

Another mistake on the red album: if my memory serves me correctly, the vinyl version of the red album comes with the "James Bond" intro on Help!, but the remastered version uses the regular stereo version (the same, I suppose, contained on the remasters from last year). That was a real disspointment! Regards from Mexico...

wogew said...

The "James Bond" intro on Help! was only ever on some USA pressings of the red album, never on the UK pressings. It was a remnant from the old USA "Help!" soundtrack album, and should not have been included on the red album at all, I think the first US editions had it on by mistake.