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Friday, 19 November 2010

New concert videos

A mock-up DVD cover for the Washington DC concert film
With the recent free streaming version of the Washington DC concert film from 1964, and the downloadable version you get if you buy the entire Beatles Box from iTunes, people are voicing opinions about making it available on DVD. Maybe that's Apple's (or Apple's) plan for the future, but in the mean time I made this DVD cover. Use it if you manage to convert your download, or find someone who has already done it. And what a great and exciting concert film it is!
The Pathe news film from the year before, "The Beatles Come To Town", filmed in Manchester in 1963,  has already been featured three times in this column in the past year. Last time was November 1st, before that it was August 25th, and it was first mentioned on the 8th of June. This time we're mentioning it because a new DVD has been announced from Misterclaudel. The front cover is shown below, and it will be released in November. OK, back to sit and wait for the delayed Unsurpassed Promos. Thanks to The Beatles for entertaining us while we're waiting!

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