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Monday, 20 December 2010

The Early Beatles

I was looking for some info on the internet about the 1984 Granada TV special "The Early Beatles", which I got on a video cassette from a trader in the UK shortly after it was broadcast. All of the precious archive material from Granada TV in the 50-minute programme was carefully and expensively reprocessed at a film laboratory to give the maximum quality. The special was shown on TV January 1st, 1984. Unlike narrated documentaries which become dated, this programme started with the legend “Much has been written, even more has been said. This compilation speaks for itself.”, thus gaining somewhat of a timeless quality. Anyway, while looking for info (which you'll find over at Bill Harry's place here), I came across another site; The Beatles in Manchester. Take a look at it if you haven't already. Oh and by the way, a cleaned-up version of "The Early Beatles", coupled together with "The Music of Lennon & McCartney" is currently being made available on a friendly green download torrent site.


Tony said...

Hey Roger- you wouldn't like to get me an invitation to join that particular site, would you? :)

Elise said...

I second that emotion. ;)

wogew said...

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Tony said...

Thanks for that Roger. Much appreciated

Elise said...

Thanks. :)