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Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Maybe I'm Amazed

Maybe I'm amazed by the fact that Paul McCartney chose to perform this song again at his Apollo concert in Harlem? But I was definitely amazed when I came home from London on Thursday to find a mail from one of my readers who used foul language to tell me that I shouldn't have posted a Paul McCartney news item on the 30th anniversary of the day John Lennon was murdered.
I wasn't going to dignify that mail with an answer, but as a service to other readers who may have been curious, I thought it best to explain myself.
I've never understood the reason why some Lennon fans feel like they have to completely dismiss McCartney's qualities as a singer, musician and songwriter in order to be real Lennonites. There may be McCartney fans who treat Lennon likewise, but I've not come across it on the same scale.
I'm glad I don't have to choose. Even though I'm a Wings fan who became a Beatles fan, I love John Lennon's songs, both from the Beatles era and later on.  And as an 18 year old Beatles fan at the time, I was saddened by the murder on Lennon. I did cry that day.
But over the years, I have tried not to remind myself of that day or of his killer. Sometimes it can't be helped. I'm watching a Lennon documentary and there, at the end, is that story again. Lennon's life had a tragic and senseless ending, so I'm much happier celebrating his life than focusing on that last day. Whenever there's a documentary about his killer or about the murder, I don't watch it. The jerk of all jerks doesn't need that kind of attention. I avoid writing his name.
So I don't commemorate neither December 8th nor the 9th (which is what the date was here in Europe when it happened).
Furthermore, it's my blog and I write what I want to! Here's One After 909.


Sergio Taraddei said...

Wow!Finally One after 909!!!
Paul have play this tune during '90 but in acoustic way with Costello.
This song is super in electric way!
Now I hope that Paul will play in the future also other songs of the first Beatles period like "She loves you" "I wanna hold your hand" and "From me to you".

Kwai Chang said...

I wonder what the angry reader thinks about Jim Morrison having the nerve to be born on December 8th. No calender date is more sacred than this moment. I think we have no recourse but to forgive him(the angry reader...not Jim)! Thanks, Roger. Happy Holidays.

Lizzie Bravo said...

I totally agree with you, Roger. I am Beatle fan who has John as her all-time favorite, and I never understood this Paul-bashing attitude from some fans. I love Paul dearly as a human being and admire him IMMENSELY as a musician: that certainly doesn't make me less of a John fan, since John himself felt the same way about Paul. As for the date, I also agree with you: I don't watch anything with that piece of garbage in it and I celebrate John's life, not the day he was brutally murdered.

James Peet said...

The idiots who are against either Lennon or McCartney, depending on their loyalties forget the fact that despite what has been written and said, John loved Paul and Paul loved John. On the day he was killed, John told Dave Sholin that Paul was family, and they were brothers. As public as the Beatles were, can we please leave the personal lives involved out of it?

John McNally said...

I don't think you need to justify yourself aginst someone who has hate in their heart. It's the same sort of distorted thinking that led to Lennon's death.

Maybe I'm Amazed is one of McCartney's best, and I wish I had heard him sing it live. 8)


Claudio Dirani said...
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Claudio Dirani said...

Well, I guess the attitude taken by the Lennon fan was absolutely mediocre, and I'm sure most of his solo fans are not reciprocate. Hopefully.

One thing about these guys who take offense on a simple newsbit on McCartney is that they probably they blame McCartney for this sad happening.
Having said that,they got as dangerous as Lennon's murderer.

I'm sure that most Lennon fans are not as radical and we can live in peace, celebrating John's life. and Paul's life, obviously.