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Wednesday, 1 December 2010

The McCartney Christmas Album

Back in 1965, Paul McCartney ended a very busy Beatles year by recording an album of his own, and releasing it as a Christmas present to John, George and Ringo. The album was only pressed in four copies, he kept one for himself. The album is probably made up of experiments in sound which Paul had conducted at home. The bootleg company "His Master´s Choice" has now announced the following titles for release in January 2011:
HMC 011 - Unforgettable - The McCartney Christmas Album (LP + CD)
HMC 012 - The Beatles: Christmas Album (LP + CD with 26 minutes of new Christmas outtakes)
HMC 013 - The Beatles: Get Back Continued (LP + CD with unreleased studio outtakes)
It's tempting to speculate that the first of these titles could be the elusive 1965 LP, but from where could that one have leaked? Perhaps the "Lost Lennon Tapes" archives? Or maybe someone involved in the ongoing "Paul McCartney Archive" series? We're looking forward to the new year...


Kwai Chang said...

This would certainly qualify for the 'miracle of Christmas'. Paul's Christmas record is so rare, it was only ever mentioned in one place that I know of...a book called 'All Together Now'! Anyway, it's something to be hopeful about!
Any word on the video series that was due in November?
Thank you, Roger. Good work.

wogew said...

If you're talking about the Unsurpassed Promos collection, three of the four DVD's have already started to emerge and an update of Vol. 1 is due out soon - plus of course Vol. 4.