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Saturday, 4 December 2010

Sample from Unsurpassed Promos

Here's a great sample from the current bootleg DVD series "Unsurpassed Promos", which I've discussed in earlier blog posts:

Best viewed in HQ and full frame.
Most of my updates seem to be in the form of YouTube-clips lately. Sorry for that, but I've been keeping busy with other projects, including a very different work situation. Monday I'm travelling to London, so don't expect updates until late next week.


Lizzie Bravo said...

Wow, that was too awsome for words! Some of my friends were there that day. Unfortunately, I had gone home to Rio for a few months or I would be there too.

markjones1970 said...

Lizzie, We would love to hear your friends stories about this day. Not many people have come forward who were in the audience and it would be great to hear from them.

Kwai Chang said...

That's the very longest version of this that I've seen. The picture seems better and more colorful. The magic that The Beatles radiated cannot be diminished by the limitations of vintage technology. This will always be a pleasant thing to watch. Good work!