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Sunday, 30 January 2011

New HMC releases

"The Beatles - Unforgettable" - aka "The McCartney Christmas Album"
"The Beatles Christmas Album"

Just too late for Christmas! And a tad disappointing re the rumours of an upcoming release of Paul's Christmas album. Apparantly a tape the used to contain the album was taped over by John and Ringo, and you'll only hear little snippets of what was originally on the underlaying layer of magnetic fields. Click on a cover for further information. These are both coloured vinyl releases with a bonus CD each. The material on the CD's does not mirror the LP's. The 1965 Christmas 26 minute tape is the reel that was auctioned in 2003 but was unsold and later offered on ebay.
Note: These are unauthorised "bootleg" releases from the "His Master's Choice" company, and the releases have not been approved by the recording artists. We do not know where to get them, we are simply passing on information that has been given us.


Kwai Chang said...

Wogew = breaking news...every time! Thanks, Roger. I think you are as clever as Derek Taylor. No joke!

Kwai Chang said...

Man, when is this going to show up?