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Friday, 4 February 2011

New McCartney Archives releases

The next batch of releases in the McCartney Archives series, which sees the McCartney album catalogue remastered and upgraded are the twin solo albums "McCartney" (1970) and McCartney II (1980). They will be made available like this:
- 2CD version, the second disc containing rare unedited audio documents.
- 2CD + 1DVD version, also including a 100 pages book.

McCartney II :
- 2CD version, the second disc containing rare unedited audio documents.
- 3CD + 1DVD version, also including a 100 pages book.

The contents of the DVD's as well as details about disc 2 on McCartney and disc 2 and 3 on McCartney II have not yet been relealed. McCartney II was originally planned as a double album before it was trimmed down, so there should be plenty of material to choose from on that one. No release date has been set yet, but we reckon that it's 2011, at least.


Kwai Chang said...

I don't really get the strategy behind the non chronological order of these releases. No amount of McCartney(I) will ever make me want another copy of McCartney II. Where the hell is RAM. Ewe are the greatest, Rog.

Kwai Chang said...

That pic of Linda with the cherries sure is a good omen. I'm excited.

Brian Fried said...

I don't know about the strategy — it's possible they are going based on the original CD releases, or Paul is generally lumping McCartney with McCartney II.

But as for the extra material, Kwai, check out the bootleg of The Lost McCartney album: it's the version of McCartney II rejected by Columbia, and it has a much different feel than the final… almost as if the original was the development of pop songs in action. And there are noticeable differences too: "Summer's Day Song" is an instrumental, "Secret Friend" is shorter, "Coming Up" has a different arrangement, etc.

What I'm most interested right now is the time frame. I don't want it to be months and months away (Band On The Run was announced something like 6 months before), because the releases should be at a fairly good clip to get through all the studio and live albums.

The Beatles In 3D said...

Love this shot of Linda. What a sweet lady she was.

Anonymous said...

The proposed extras for McCartney I from last year have been posted on other sites and hopefully it stays on track as there are some new discoveries there.

Recently, 29 demos mostly for Ram were uncovered in Paul's home so again, hopefully Concord will see fit to release stuff like this that the fans want.

Unknown said...

Since I've absolutely no idea what else Paul was doing in 1970 I'm very curious for the "McCartney" rerelease. McCartney II might contain some of the Rupert stuff or the extended versions of Darkroom and some of the mandolin sounds that were used for the first Fireman album.
I'm REALLY anxious for RAM though