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Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Silver Beatles At Home 1960 (2CD)

Guess what's in stock and will be dispatched from and sold by :-D
Here's a customer's review:
A document of historical importance or just 3 or 4 kids badly recorded bashing and sawing away at guitars to little effect. Considering what became of these lads these early recordings are rubbish, the best of them already appearing on the Beatles Anthology volume 1. The packaging is also rather annoying two discs side by side each in a digipack with the card sleeve acting as both cover for the discs and booklet. The information is minimal like the playing with no real details on the source of the contents. The sound quality is bootleg at best and really the price is reflective of that, this really is for Beatle complete-ists casual fans of the mop tops will really gain no benefit at all from this release beyond what became of them over the following ten years. 
This is probably the same material as on the Quarrymen At Home vinyl bootlegs. Taped possibly by Mike McCartney.


Michael Hockinson said...

This track list was posted in July at the BeatleLinks Fab Forum. Looks like the act we've known for all these years:

Disc 1

1 Insrumental (1)
2 Instrumental (2)
3 Instrumental (3) Turn the switches off
4 Come on people aka An important number
5 I don't need no cigarette boy
6 Well darling
7 Don't know

Disc 2

1 Hallelujah I Love Her So (1)
2 Hallelujah I Love Her So (2)
3 One After 909 (1)
4 Movin' and Grooving
5 Ramrod
6 Instrumental (1)
7 Unknown/Matchbox
8 I will always be in love with you
9 The World is Waiting for the Sunrise
10 That's When Your Heartaches Begin
11 Instrumental (2)
12 Wildcat (1)
13 One After 909 (2)
14 Some Days
15 You must write everyday
16 John speaks
17 I'll Follow The Sun
18 Hello Little Girl
19 Wildcat (2)

Anonymous said...

Is it official release or one more bootleg?
If bootleg, can amazon sell bootlegs?