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Saturday, 17 March 2012

Ram gets a date

Amazon says: "This title will be released on May 22, 2012"

And it looks as it's going to be released on it's own, no mention of "Venus and Mars", which was originally scheduled to be an accompanying release to "Ram".


Brian Fried said...

Did MPL ever confirm that Venus And Mars was really to be released with Ram, or was that wishful thinking posted by someone claiming to be an insider?

Personally, I expected Ram to be alone because it's got so much available to it AND is big enough to support itself alone.

V&M I see next as a 2CD/1DVD set with Wild Life (3CD/1DVD), followed by a single volume Wings Over America, and a double of Red Rose Speedway (3CD/1CD) and Speed Of Sound (2CD/1DVD) — and that's based on the way the system has been repeating the original releases plus putting lesser rated albums with bigger ones.

cb70 said...

Looks like we're getting a stand-alone vinyl reissue of the Mono version to go along with all the different formats for Ram. They really seem to be doing everything right.

Now if only some (if not all) of the 29 demos for Ram found last year could be included then everyone would really be happy.