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Monday, 19 March 2012

Yellow Submarine Blu-ray in May

Digi pack with card slip case, booklets, 4 plastic film cells and stickers

Yeah, it looks like the 50th anniversary year of the Beatles as an EMI recording group will commence with this release. It will also be made available again as a regular DVD. Due out May 29th. Is it too much to ask if they could make this release non wide screen? The 1999 colour and music restoration saw the VHS released with the full picture, whereas the DVD was severely cropped and zoomed in to make it look like it was made for wide screen... Look, if people with 16:9 TV's prefer to fill their screens, they all have zoom buttons on their remotes, there's no reason to do it for them.

Like always, a wave of merchandise will no doubt follow in the wake of the Yellow Submarine film, and the official Beatles stores around the world are gearing up.


pj simmons said...

The big question of course is WHY NOT release the whole Apple LP & film catalogue on BluRay. Soon after 09/09/09 Giles Martin said it was possible. I would love WONDERWALL music & film on BluRay- of course with everything else REVOLVER-PEPPER-WHITE LP-ABBEY ROAD-MMT music & film

Brian Fried said...

The answer to why not is simple: BluRay is already passé. The movie companies are pushing 3-D (because it's harder to rip) and a larger format system to handle the soon-to-be digital-only movies being produced by Hollywood.

To me, though, this has nothing to do with the 50th anniversary as much as it does that MMT has always been slated to be re-released before Let It Be… and there's all the OTHER releases to be considered.

[And by other, I include solo releases like Ram, the Olympic album (Paul is reported performing at the opening ceremony), etc.]

Yellow Submarine is the perfect companion to Magical Mystery Tour because it will make the week appear to be a bigger release for the Fabs. If they tag it the same week as the Scorcese George Harrison documentary is released, it's an even bigger coup.