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Sunday, 22 April 2012

Another Day - Norwegian cover

This was the cover used to advertise yesterday's release of "Another Day"/"Oh Woman Oh Why?" for Record Store Day. In Norway, this was hard to believe, because this is actually the Norwegian cover design of this single. We waited to see. Unfortunately, the single wasn't available in the participating record store here in Oslo, so we had to wait until it showed up on ebay to see if it was for real. I mean, they could have used a design from another country, like these:

"Another Day" from France, Germany, Italy, Sweden and Spain.

The photo most countries used for this cover design
But when I looked at ebay today, I found that they had indeed opted for the Norwegian cover design! Imagine that!
The back cover is different than the one on the original 1971 Norwegian back cover, but obviously inspired by it:
New backside design

Here's the original Norwegian 1971 back cover design:

1 comment:

Beatlesblogger said...

Thanks for sharing that smart bit of detective work. Love the other covers, and that we can say this latest release is based on the Norwegian original.