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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Giles Martin works on Beatles release

In a phone interview with the Danish newspaper "Extrabladet", Giles Martin reveals that he is currently working on a Beatles project. "I'm doing some Beatles stuff, and there's also a Disney show on the horizon". When asked about details about that "Beatles stuff", Giles answered: "No, that's very secret. If I tell you, I might as well kill myself, and I'm trying to avoid that".


Sergio Taraddei said...

I hope in a Anthology 4 with outtakes and demos! And maybe with the "Now and then" and "Carinval lights" as bonus tracks!

Gabor Peterdi said...

ALL THE ALBUMS IN 5.1 - I hope :0)

Ariel C said...

Could be anything. Blu Ray releases, Archive releases for the Beatles catalog (wishing) or more album releases for Rock Band (highly doubt, but would mean more multi-tracks!) Hey.. 50th anniversary for the first single (5th October) is coming up..

Bix Gomez said...

How about some reMIXes, rather than just reMASTERs - that Yellow Submarine rerelease from '97 was terrific.

db said...

Decent stereo mixes would be good... though marketing-wise pretty damned cynical coming so soon after the '09 remasters. An Anthology 4 couldn't compete with 1, 2 and 3... But how about those white album acoustic demos? Trouble is, Apple aren't out to please the real fans, never have been, they always aim it mass market, so the real interesting stuff always gets sidelined. Obviously, I'll be buying it, whatever it is.

Brian Fried said...

There are four possibilities I can see with this:

1. A set of 5.1 mixes at long last;

2. Archival sets of certain albums, complete with DVD, just like the Pink Floyd sets;

3. The US albums, since the UK albums have been mixed to today's standards (and there's a few US albums left behind); and

4. Live material — such as the Ed Sullivan and Hollywood Bowl recordings about to hit their fiftieth soon.

wogew said...

I've a feeling this is either
1. Preparing new vinyl masters or
2. Preparing a 5.1 soundtrack for Magical Mystery Tour

wardo said...

Could it be the "Tomorrow Never Knows" iTunes release, out yesterday?