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Friday, 13 July 2012

Hard Rock Copenhagen vs Hamburg

Apple poster by "The Fool"
Blogging from a road trip through Europe, I thought I should share some photos from our visits to the Hard Rock Cafe´s in Copenhagen and Hamburg. We have a habit of taking snapshots of the Beatles-related souvenirs and memorabilia that are on display at the various Hard Rock Cafe´s we visit.
I´ve been to the one in Copenhagen on previous occasions, and have been able to view a denim shirt there that once belonged to John Lennon. This time, Hard Rock Cafe Copenhagen disappointed us. We had to wait for 45 minutes to get a table, and to us, this seemed to be just a ploy in order to sell more waiting drinks from the bar, because there were vacant tables when we looked around. Secondly, the food was not so good. The steak was inedible, and I had to send for a new one. And the denim shirt was nowhere to be found. Apart from the Apple poster, what we found were these:
A concert poster
A gold record award
Although the record itself (Magical Mystery Tour) certainly merits a gold record award, that particular style of Capitol´s record label is possibly one of the dullest designs ever...

Disappointed with Copenhagen, but Hamburg more than compensated for the Danish experience. It started in the souvenir shop...
John Lennon´s jacket and an envelope

A letter from Paul McCartney

As always, Ringo sent a postcard to his grandma

And George wrote a letter to a fan

A couple of magazines
Once inside the restaurant itself, service was excellent, the food was perfect and we only had to wait three minutes for our table. And lots more Beatles memorabilia was on display.
Four sketches from Stuart Sutcliffe´s hand

Okay so it´s just a Michael Jackson autograph...

Ringo signed a drumskin

One of George Harrison´s jackets, used in Magical Mystery Tour

Framed photos from Star Club, signed by Roy Young
 Next time, I´ll post some photos from Grosse Freiheit and Reeperbahn.

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