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Thursday, 30 August 2012

Chas Newby speaks

The Beatles' first left-handed bass player has given an interview to Sunday Mercury about his time with the group. When the Beatles arrived back in Liverpool from their first stint in Hamburg, Stuart Sutcliffe was missing. He stayed behind in Hamburg to spend Christmas with Astrid Kirschherr and her family. The Beatles had a few gigs lined up, so they were in need of a bass guitar player, and Chas was duly recruited. All in all, Newby played four concerts as a Beatle, in December 1960.
Here's the interview: Sunday Mercury.
And here's a thing from Mr Rock'n'Roll Detective, who tracked down Chas last year.


42N said...

I thought of myself well versed in Beatle history. I never-ever heard this story before. I love your bog. Its post after post of new layers of the Beatle story. Thank you!

Unknown said...

Me, too, I've followed The Beatles all my life and NEVER heard this story or hos name before. Good for him.

Unknown said...

This is my great uncle, and when he told me more about this I was amazed. He really is a fantastic person.

Unknown said...

This man was my old Maths teacher at high school he was always an inspiration although he told us about him playing with the Beatles I thought he was joking. Can anyone tell me if he is still alive ? and where he is now? He was not just a teacher but a friend and someone you could talk to about anything. One of my favourites.